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Movie genre: [Drama]
Produced in 2003
Directed by Mark David

Short description of the movie "Intoxicating"

Dorian Shanley (Kirk Harris), is a heart surgeon who abuses alcohol and drugs. Dorian trades stolen pharmaceuticals for cocaine , provided by his best friend and enabler, Teddy (Eric Roberts). While Dorian's life and career take a nosedive, Shanley numbs the pain of losing his father, William Shanley (John Savage), to a form of alzhiemer's common in prizefighters. To further complicate circumstances, Dorian falls in love with his girlfriend's best friend from college, Anna (Camila Overbye Roos). The film follows Shanley through a maze of pharmacies, clubs and binges and surgeries, into the heart of drug abuse.

Starring actors in "Intoxicating" movie:

The photo image of Kirk Harris, starring in the movie "Intoxicating"
Kirk Harris
as a character
Dr. Dorian Shanley
Kirk Harris also starred in the next movies:
  • "The Violent Kind" in a role of Terry Malloy;

The photo image of John Savage, starring in the movie "Intoxicating"
John Savage
as a character
William Shanley
John Savage also starred in the next movies:
  • "The Thin Red Line" in a role of Sergeant McCron;
  • "Message in a Bottle" in a role of Johnny Land;
  • "White Squall" in a role of McCrea, Albatross Crewman/English Teacher;
  • "The Attic" in a role of Graham Callan;
  • "Hair" in a role of Claude Hooper Bukowski;
  • "The Violent Kind" in a role of George Malloy;
  • "The Deer Hunter" in a role of Steven;
  • "Salvador" in a role of John Cassady;

The photo image of Eric Roberts, starring in the movie "Intoxicating"
Eric Roberts
as a character
Eric Roberts also starred in the next movies:
  • "The Odyssey" in a role of Eurymachus;
  • "The Specialist" in a role of Tomas Leon;
  • "Final Analysis" in a role of Jimmy Evans;
  • "National Security" in a role of Nash;
  • "Spun" in a role of The Man;
  • "Walking Shadow" in a role of Police Chief DeSpain;
  • "Heaven's Prisoners" in a role of Bubba Rocque;
  • "The Cable Guy" in a role of Eric Roberts;
  • "DOA: Dead or Alive" in a role of Donovan;
  • "Runaway Train" in a role of Buck;
  • "Dark Honeymoon" in a role of L.A. Guy;
  • "The Dark Knight" in a role of Salvatore Maroni;
  • "One Way" in a role of Nick Swell;
  • "Cyclops" in a role of Emperor Tiberius;
  • "The Steam Experiment" in a role of Grant;
  • "Most Wanted" in a role of Assistant Deputy Director Spencer;
  • "Phat Girlz" in a role of Robert Myer;
  • "Westbrick Murders" in a role of John;
  • "Crimes of the Past" in a role of Robert Byrne;
  • "Enemies Among Us";

The photo image of Camilla Overbye Roos, starring in the movie "Intoxicating"
Camilla Overbye Roos
as a character
Anna Michelzewski

Camilla Overbye Roos starred only in the movie "Intoxicating"
The photo image of Joanne Baron, starring in the movie "Intoxicating"
Joanne Baron
as a character
Dr. Eilene Preminger
Joanne Baron also starred in the next movies:
  • "School for Scoundrels" in a role of Lois;
  • "Flyboys" in a role of Ms. Poulson;
  • "Blur" in a role of Penelope;
  • "The Flyboys" in a role of Ms. Poulson;
  • "Drag Me to Hell" in a role of Mr. Jacks Secretary;
  • "Everybody Dies" in a role of DEB;
  • "iMurders" in a role of Christine Jensen;
  • "Black Crescent Moon aka bgFATLdy" in a role of Bitsy;
  • "Bare Knuckles" in a role of Dorothy;

The photo image of D.W. Brown, starring in the movie "Intoxicating"
D.W. Brown
as a character
Dr. Micheal Tuuri
D.W. Brown also starred in the next movies:
  • "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" in a role of Ron Johnson;
  • "The Haunting in Connecticut" in a role of Dr. Brooks;
  • "Mischief" in a role of Kenny;

The photo image of Ron Gilbert, starring in the movie "Intoxicating"
Ron Gilbert
as a character
Officer John Connor
Ron Gilbert also starred in the next movies:
  • "The Violent Kind" in a role of Ralph;

The photo image of Allan Rich, starring in the movie "Intoxicating"
Allan Rich
as a character
Micheal Reilly
Allan Rich also starred in the next movies:
  • "Highlander II: The Quickening" in a role of Allan Neyman;
  • "Rise" in a role of Harrison;
  • "Serpico" in a role of Dist. Atty. Herman Tauber;
  • "The Last Word" in a role of Francis;
  • "The Entity" in a role of Dr. Walcott;

The photo image of Laurie Baranyay, starring in the movie "Intoxicating"
Laurie Baranyay
as a character
Megan Foster

Laurie Baranyay starred only in the movie "Intoxicating"
The photo image of Michael Dalmon, starring in the movie "Intoxicating"
Michael Dalmon
as a character

Michael Dalmon starred only in the movie "Intoxicating"
The photo image of Christina Carson, starring in the movie "Intoxicating"
Christina Carson
as a character
Nurse Amy

Christina Carson starred only in the movie "Intoxicating"
The photo image of Art Chudabala, starring in the movie "Intoxicating"
Art Chudabala
as a character
William Stanley's Doctor

Art Chudabala starred only in the movie "Intoxicating"
The photo image of Trevor Hale, starring in the movie "Intoxicating"
Trevor Hale
as a character
Man in Bathroom

Trevor Hale starred only in the movie "Intoxicating"
The photo image of Aidan Harris Kuykendall, starring in the movie "Intoxicating"
Aidan Harris Kuykendall
as a character
Dorian Shanley
Aidan Harris Kuykendall also starred in the next movies:
  • "The Violent Kind" in a role of Young Terry;

The photo image of John Lane, starring in the movie "Intoxicating"
John Lane
as a character

John Lane starred only in the movie "Intoxicating"

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