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Movie genre: [Comedy]
Produced in 2006
Directed by Robert Altman

Short description of the movie "A Prairie Home Companion"

The movie is a celebrity version of Garrison Keillor's radio show of the same name. The movie takes place during the last live performance of the show as the new radio network owners have sent an axeman (Tommy Lee Jones)to close the show. Another fantasy element is thrown in as an angel (Virginia Madsen) stalks the theater to take one of the performers. Keillor essentially plays himself, even using his own name for the character. Lily Tomlin and Meryl Streep play the singing Johnson Sisters, with Lindsay Lohan as a suicide-obsessed daughter of Streep. Woody Harrelson and John C. Reilly are hilarious as the slightly off-color singing cowboy duo, Dusty & Lefty. Kevin Kline is a security guard who act as the narrator. Maya Rudolph also appears as a pregnant stage coordinator. Contains some mild sexually-oriented jokes.

Starring actors in "A Prairie Home Companion" movie:

The photo image of Woody Harrelson, starring in the movie "A Prairie Home Companion"
Woody Harrelson
as a character
Woody Harrelson also starred in the next movies:
  • "The Thin Red Line" in a role of Sergeant Keck;
  • "Anger Management" in a role of Galaxia/Security Guard;
  • "Natural Born Killers" in a role of Mickey Knox;
  • "After the Sunset" in a role of Stan Lloyd;
  • "North Country" in a role of Bill White;
  • "She Hate Me" in a role of Leland Powell;
  • "Money Train" in a role of Charlie;
  • "Kingpin" in a role of Roy Munson;
  • "Wag the Dog" in a role of Sergeant William Schumann;
  • "A Scanner Darkly" in a role of Ernie Luckman;
  • "Edtv" in a role of Ray Pekurny;
  • "The Walker" in a role of Carter Page III;
  • "No Country for Old Men" in a role of Carson Wells;
  • "Semi-Pro" in a role of Monix;
  • "Sleepwalking" in a role of Randall;
  • "Transsiberian" in a role of Roy;
  • "Doc Hollywood" in a role of Hank Gordon;
  • "White Men Can't Jump" in a role of Billy Hoyle;
  • "Indecent Proposal" in a role of David Murphy;
  • "Battle in Seattle" in a role of Dale;
  • "Management" in a role of Jango;
  • "Zombieland" in a role of Tallahassee;
  • "2012" in a role of Charlie Frost;
  • "Defendor" in a role of Defendor;
  • "The Messenger" in a role of Captain Tony Stone;

The photo image of Tommy Lee Jones, starring in the movie "A Prairie Home Companion"
Tommy Lee Jones
as a character
Tommy Lee Jones also starred in the next movies:
  • "Men in Black" in a role of Agent K (Kay);
  • "Men in Black II" in a role of Kevin Brown, Agent Kay;
  • "U.S. Marshals" in a role of Chief Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard;
  • "Natural Born Killers";
  • "The Fugitive" in a role of Marshal Samuel Gerard;
  • "Space Cowboys" in a role of Hawk Hawkins;
  • "Double Jeopardy" in a role of Travis Lehman;
  • "The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada" in a role of Pete Perkins;
  • "The Hunted" in a role of L.T. Bonham;
  • "Blown Away" in a role of Ryan Gaerity;
  • "No Country for Old Men" in a role of Sheriff Ed Tom Bell;
  • "In the Valley of Elah" in a role of Hank Deerfield;
  • "The Missing" in a role of Samuel Jones/Chaa-duu-ba-its-iidan;
  • "Rules of Engagement" in a role of Col. Hayes 'Hodge' Hodges;
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  • "The Client" in a role of 'Reverend' Roy Foltrigg;
  • "Batman Forever" in a role of Harvey Dent;
  • "Lonesome Dove" in a role of Woodrow F. Call;
  • "Coal Miner's Daughter" in a role of 'Mooney' Lynn;

The photo image of Kevin Kline, starring in the movie "A Prairie Home Companion"
Kevin Kline
as a character
Guy Noir
Kevin Kline also starred in the next movies:
  • "French Kiss" in a role of Luc Teyssier;
  • "A Fish Called Wanda" in a role of Otto;
  • "Wild Wild West" in a role of U.S. Marshal Artemus Gordon;
  • "The Pink Panther" in a role of Dreyfus;
  • "Trade" in a role of Ray Sheridan;
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  • "The Ice Storm" in a role of Ben Hood;
  • "Cry Freedom" in a role of Donald Woods;
  • "Life as a House" in a role of George Monroe;
  • "Silverado" in a role of Paden;
  • "Dave" in a role of Bill Mitchell;

The photo image of Lindsay Lohan, starring in the movie "A Prairie Home Companion"
Lindsay Lohan
as a character
Lola Johnson
Lindsay Lohan also starred in the next movies:
  • "Mean Girls" in a role of Cady Heron;
  • "Freaky Friday" in a role of Anna Coleman;
  • "Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen" in a role of Mary Elizabeth Cep/Lola;
  • "Herbie Fully Loaded" in a role of Maggie Peyton;
  • "Just My Luck" in a role of Ashley Albright;
  • "Bloody Sunday" in a role of Mary Donaghy;
  • "Georgia Rule" in a role of Rachel;
  • "I Know Who Killed Me" in a role of Aubrey Fleming;
  • "The Parent Trap" in a role of Annie James;
  • "Labor Pains" in a role of Thea Dixon;

The photo image of Virginia Madsen, starring in the movie "A Prairie Home Companion"
Virginia Madsen
as a character
Dangerous Woman
Virginia Madsen also starred in the next movies:
  • "The Haunting" in a role of Jane;
  • "Dune" in a role of Princess Irulan;
  • "Firewall" in a role of Beth Stanfield;
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  • "Electric Dreams" in a role of Madeline Robistat;
  • "Hot to Trot" in a role of Allison Rowe;

The photo image of Meryl Streep, starring in the movie "A Prairie Home Companion"
Meryl Streep
as a character
Yolanda Johnson
Meryl Streep also starred in the next movies:
  • "Adaptation." in a role of Susan Orlean;
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