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Movie genres: [Comedy] [Drama] [Musical]
Produced in 2007
Directed by Adam Shankman

Short description of the movie "Hairspray"

Pleasantly plump teenager Tracy Turnblad (Nicole Blonsky) and her best friend Penny Pingleton (Amanda Bynes) audition to be on The Corny Collins Show and Tracy wins. But when scheming Amber Von Tussle (Brittany Snow) and her mother (Michelle Pfeiffer) plot to destroy Tracy, it turns to chaos. With Queen Latifah as hip DJ Motormouth Maybelle, John Travolta as Edna Turnblad, Christopher Walken as Wilbur Turnblad, James Marsden as show host Corny Collins, and Zac Efron as Amber/Tracy's boyfriend, the popular and cute Link Larkin.

Starring actors in "Hairspray" movie:

The photo image of John Travolta, starring in the movie "Hairspray"
John Travolta
as a character
Edna Turnblad
John Travolta also starred in the next movies:
  • "Get Shorty";
  • "Swordfish" in a role of Gabriel Shear;
  • "Broken Arrow" in a role of Maj. Vic 'Deak' Deakins;
  • "The Thin Red Line" in a role of Brigadier General Quintard;
  • "Look Who's Talking" in a role of James Ubriacco;
  • "Pulp Fiction" in a role of Vincent Vega;
  • "Ladder 49" in a role of Captain Mike Kennedy;
  • "Michael" in a role of Michael;
  • "Be Cool" in a role of Chili Palmer;
  • "The Punisher";
  • "Mad City" in a role of Sam Baily;
  • "A Love Song for Bobby Long" in a role of Bobby Long;
  • "Battlefield Earth: A Saga of the Year 3000" in a role of Terl;
  • "Face/Off" in a role of Sean Archer/Castor Troy;
  • "Grease" in a role of Danny Zuko;
  • "Phenomenon" in a role of George Malley;
  • "Saturday Night Fever" in a role of Tony Manero;
  • "Basic" in a role of Hardy;
  • "Lonely Hearts" in a role of Elmer C. Robinson;
  • "Wild Hogs" in a role of Woody Stevens;
  • "The General's Daughter" in a role of Warr. Off. Paul Brenner/Sgt. Frank White;
  • "Bolt" in a role of Bolt;
  • "A Civil Action" in a role of Jan Schlichtmann;
  • "Lucky Numbers" in a role of Russ Richards;
  • "The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3" in a role of Ryder;
  • "From Paris with Love" in a role of FBI agent Charlie Wax;

The photo image of Nikki Blonsky, starring in the movie "Hairspray"
Nikki Blonsky
as a character
Tracy Turnblad

Nikki Blonsky starred only in the movie "Hairspray"
The photo image of Christopher Walken, starring in the movie "Hairspray"
Christopher Walken
as a character
Wilbur Turnblad
Christopher Walken also starred in the next movies:
  • "Kangaroo Jack" in a role of Salvatore 'Sal' Maggio;
  • "Catch Me If You Can" in a role of Frank Abagnale, Sr.;
  • "Sleepy Hollow" in a role of The Hessian Horseman;
  • "New Rose Hotel" in a role of Fox;
  • "Gigli" in a role of Det. Stanley Jacobellis;
  • "Blast from the Past" in a role of Calvin Webber;
  • "The Stepford Wives" in a role of Mike Wellington;
  • "The Rundown" in a role of Hatcher;
  • "The Affair of the Necklace" in a role of Count Cagliostro;
  • "Around the Bend" in a role of Turner Lair;
  • "Batman Returns" in a role of Max Shreck;
  • "Mousehunt" in a role of Caeser, the Exterminator;
  • "Nick of Time" in a role of Mr. Smith;
  • "Click" in a role of Morty;
  • "A 007 View to a Kill" in a role of Max Zorin;
  • "Wedding Crashers" in a role of Treasury Secretary William Cleary;
  • "The Prophecy" in a role of Gabriel;
  • "Last Man Standing" in a role of Hickey;
  • "The Opportunists" in a role of Victor 'Vic' Kelly;
  • "Man on Fire" in a role of Rayburn;
  • "Joe Dirt" in a role of Clem;
  • "King of New York" in a role of Frank White;
  • "True Romance" in a role of Vincenzo Coccotti;
  • "Wayne's World 2" in a role of Bobby Cahn;
  • "Antz" in a role of Colonel Cutter;
  • "The Anderson Tapes" in a role of The Kid;
  • "The Dead Zone" in a role of Johnny Smith;
  • "Julius Caesar" in a role of Marcus Portius Cato;
  • "Annie Hall" in a role of Duane Hall;
  • "The Deer Hunter" in a role of Nick;
  • "The Milagro Beanfield War" in a role of Kyril Montana;
  • "America's Sweethearts" in a role of Hal Weidmann;

The photo image of Amanda Bynes, starring in the movie "Hairspray"
Amanda Bynes
as a character
Penny Pingleton
Amanda Bynes also starred in the next movies:
  • "Robots" in a role of Piper;
  • "What a Girl Wants" in a role of Daphne Reynolds;
  • "Sydney White" in a role of Sydney White;

The photo image of Zac Efron, starring in the movie "Hairspray"
Zac Efron
as a character
Link Larkin
Zac Efron also starred in the next movies:
  • "High School Musical 2" in a role of Troy Bolton;
  • "High School Musical 3: Senior Year" in a role of Troy Bolton;
  • "17 Again" in a role of Mike O' Donnell at 17;
  • "Me and Orson Welles" in a role of Richard Samuels;

The photo image of Elijah Kelley, starring in the movie "Hairspray"
Elijah Kelley
as a character
Seaweed J. Stubbs
Elijah Kelley also starred in the next movies:
  • "Take the Lead" in a role of Danjou;
  • "Rome & Jewel" in a role of Ben;

The photo image of Queen Latifah, starring in the movie "Hairspray"
Queen Latifah
as a character
Motormouth Maybelle
Queen Latifah also starred in the next movies:
  • "The Bone Collector" in a role of Thelma;
  • "Bringing Down the House" in a role of Charlene Morton;
  • "Sphere";
  • "Last Holiday" in a role of Georgia Byrd;
  • "Ice Age: The Meltdown" in a role of Ellie;
  • "Arctic Tale" in a role of Narrator;
  • "Juice" in a role of Ruffhouse M.C.;
  • "Mad Money" in a role of Nina Brewster;
  • "Stranger Than Fiction" in a role of Penny Escher;
  • "The Secret Life of Bees" in a role of August Boatwright;
  • "What Happens in Vegas" in a role of Dr. Twitchell;
  • "Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs" in a role of Ellie;

The photo image of Michelle Pfeiffer, starring in the movie "Hairspray"
Michelle Pfeiffer
as a character
Velma Von Tussle
Michelle Pfeiffer also starred in the next movies:
  • "The Witches of Eastwick" in a role of Sukie Ridgemont;
  • "What Lies Beneath" in a role of Claire Spencer;
  • "The Story of Us" in a role of Katie Jordan;
  • "Tequila Sunrise" in a role of Jo Ann Vallenari;
  • "Dangerous Liaisons" in a role of Madame Marie de Tourvel;
  • "Batman Returns" in a role of Catwoman/Selina Kyle;
  • "Scarface" in a role of Elvira;
  • "A Thousand Acres" in a role of Rose Cook Lewis;
  • "Wolf" in a role of Laura Alden;
  • "The Prince of Egypt" in a role of Tzipporah;
  • "The Deep End of the Ocean" in a role of Beth Cappadora;
  • "Stardust" in a role of Lamia;
  • "Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas" in a role of Eris;
  • "Personal Effects" in a role of Linda;
  • "The Age of Innocence" in a role of Ellen Olenska;
  • "Chéri" in a role of Lea de Lonval;
  • "Ladyhawke" in a role of Isabeau d'Anjou;
  • "One Fine Day" in a role of Melanie Parker;
  • "Grease 2" in a role of Stephanie Zinone;

The photo image of James Marsden, starring in the movie "Hairspray"
James Marsden
as a character
Corny Collins
James Marsden also starred in the next movies:
  • "Gossip" in a role of Derrick Webb;
  • "Interstate 60" in a role of Neal Oliver;
  • "Superman Returns" in a role of Richard White;
  • "X-Men: The Last Stand" in a role of Scott Summers/Cyclops;
  • "The Alibi" in a role of Wendell Hatch;
  • "Enchanted" in a role of Prince Edward;
  • "X-Men" in a role of Cyclops;
  • "X2" in a role of Cyclops;
  • "Sex Drive" in a role of Rex;
  • "The Box" in a role of Arthur Lewis;

The photo image of Allison Janney, starring in the movie "Hairspray"
Allison Janney
as a character
Prudy Pingleton
Allison Janney also starred in the next movies:
  • "Six Days Seven Nights" in a role of Marjorie, Robin's Boss;
  • "American Beauty" in a role of Barbara Fitts;
  • "Finding Nemo" in a role of Peach;
  • "The Chumscrubber" in a role of Mrs. Stiffle;
  • "Drop Dead Gorgeous" in a role of Loretta;
  • "Over the Hedge" in a role of Gladys;
  • "Juno" in a role of Bren MacGuff;
  • "Miracle on 34th Street" in a role of Woman in Christmas Shop;
  • "Private Parts" in a role of Dee Dee;
  • "Away We Go" in a role of Lily;
  • "Pretty Ugly People" in a role of Suzanna;
  • "The Object of My Affection" in a role of Constance Miller;

The photo image of Jesse Weafer, starring in the movie "Hairspray"
Jesse Weafer
as a character

Jesse Weafer starred only in the movie "Hairspray"
The photo image of Taylor Parks, starring in the movie "Hairspray"
Taylor Parks
as a character
Little Inez

Taylor Parks starred only in the movie "Hairspray"
The photo image of J.P. Ferreri, starring in the movie "Hairspray"
J.P. Ferreri
as a character

J.P. Ferreri starred only in the movie "Hairspray"
The photo image of Shane Simpson, starring in the movie "Hairspray"
Shane Simpson
as a character

Shane Simpson starred only in the movie "Hairspray"
The photo image of Jerry Stiller, starring in the movie "Hairspray"
Jerry Stiller
as a character
Mr. Pinky
Jerry Stiller also starred in the next movies:
  • "Serving Sara" in a role of Milton the Cop;
  • "On the Line" in a role of Nathan;
  • "The Heartbreak Kid" in a role of Doc;
  • "The Lion King 1½" in a role of Uncle Max;
  • "Zoolander" in a role of Maury Ballstein;
  • "The Taking of Pelham One Two Three" in a role of Lt. Rico Patrone;
  • "My 5 Wives" in a role of Don Giovanni;

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