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Movie genres: [Animation] [Comedy] [Family]
Produced in 2007
Directed by Brad Bird

Short description of the movie "Ratatouille"

Remy is a rat, constantly risking life in an expensive French restaurant because of his love of good food, as well as a desire to become a chef. Yet, obviously, this is a rather tough dream for a rat. But opportunity knocks when a young boy, who desperately needs to keep his job at the restaurant, despite his lack of cooking abilities, discovers and partners the young Remy. Its up to the two of them to avoid the insane head chef, bring the rest of Remy's family up to his standards, win his partner a girl, and, of course, produce the finest Ratatouille in all of France.

Starring actors in "Ratatouille" movie:

The photo image of Patton Oswalt, starring in the movie "Ratatouille"
Patton Oswalt
as a character
Patton Oswalt also starred in the next movies:
  • "Magnolia" in a role of Delmer Darion;
  • "Failure to Launch" in a role of Techie Guy;
  • "Sex and Death 101" in a role of Fred;
  • "All Roads Lead Home" in a role of Milo;
  • "Big Fan" in a role of Paul Aufiero;
  • "Super High Me" in a role of Himself;

The photo image of Ian Holm, starring in the movie "Ratatouille"
Ian Holm
as a character
Ian Holm also starred in the next movies:
  • "Bless the Child" in a role of Reverend Grissom;
  • "Brazil" in a role of Mr. M. Kurtzmann;
  • "The Fifth Element" in a role of Father Vito Cornelius;
  • "Frankenstein" in a role of Baron Frankenstein;
  • "Alien" in a role of Ash;
  • "The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring" in a role of Bilbo Baggins;
  • "The Day After Tomorrow" in a role of Terry Rapson;
  • "The Aviator" in a role of Professor Fitz;
  • "Lord of War" in a role of Simeon Weisz;
  • "Strangers with Candy" in a role of Dr. Putney;
  • "A Life Less Ordinary" in a role of Naville;
  • "Garden State" in a role of Gideon Largeman;
  • "Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes" in a role of Capitaine Phillippe D'Arnot;
  • "Time Bandits" in a role of Napoleon;
  • "Chromophobia" in a role of Edward Aylesbury;
  • "The Miracle Maker" in a role of Pontius Pilate;
  • "From Hell" in a role of Sir William Gull;
  • "Chariots of Fire" in a role of Sam Mussabini;
  • "Beautiful Joe" in a role of George The Geek;

The photo image of Lou Romano, starring in the movie "Ratatouille"
Lou Romano
as a character
Lou Romano also starred in the next movies:
  • "The Incredibles" in a role of Bernie Kropp;

The photo image of Brian Dennehy, starring in the movie "Ratatouille"
Brian Dennehy
as a character
Brian Dennehy also starred in the next movies:
  • "Assault on Precinct 13" in a role of Jasper O'Shea;
  • "First Blood" in a role of Hope Sheriff Will Teasle;
  • "She Hate Me" in a role of Chairman Billy Church;
  • "Tommy Boy" in a role of Thomas 'Big Tom' Callahan;
  • "Romeo + Juliet" in a role of Ted Montague;
  • "The Ultimate Gift" in a role of Gus;
  • "Everyone's Hero" in a role of Babe Ruth;
  • "Righteous Kill" in a role of Lieutenant Hingus;
  • "Legal Eagles" in a role of Cavanaugh;
  • "Cocoon" in a role of Walter;
  • "The Last of the Finest" in a role of Frank Daly;
  • "Presumed Innocent" in a role of Raymond Horgan;

The photo image of Peter O'Toole, starring in the movie "Ratatouille"
Peter O'Toole
as a character
Anton Ego
Peter O'Toole also starred in the next movies:
  • "King Ralph" in a role of Sir Cedric Willingham;
  • "Caligula" in a role of Emperor Tiberius Caesar;
  • "The Last Emperor" in a role of Reginald Johnston (R.J.);
  • "Lawrence of Arabia" in a role of T.E. Lawrence;
  • "The Lion in Winter" in a role of Henry II;
  • "One Night with the King" in a role of Samuel, the Prophet;
  • "My Favorite Year" in a role of Alan Swann;
  • "Supergirl" in a role of Zaltar;
  • "Dean Spanley" in a role of Fisk Senior;
  • "FairyTale: A True Story" in a role of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle;
  • "How to Steal a Million" in a role of Simon Dermott;
  • "Becket" in a role of King Henry II;

The photo image of Brad Garrett, starring in the movie "Ratatouille"
Brad Garrett
as a character
Brad Garrett also starred in the next movies:
  • "The Pacifier" in a role of Vice Principal Murney;
  • "Finding Nemo" in a role of Bloat;
  • "Sweet and Lowdown" in a role of Joe Bedloe;
  • "Stuart Little 2" in a role of Plumber;
  • "Music and Lyrics" in a role of Chris Riley;
  • "Underdog" in a role of Riff Raff;
  • "Unstable Fables: 3 Pigs & a Baby" in a role of Mason Pig;
  • "Tarzan II" in a role of Uto;

The photo image of Janeane Garofalo, starring in the movie "Ratatouille"
Janeane Garofalo
as a character
Janeane Garofalo also starred in the next movies:
  • "Dogma" in a role of Liz;
  • "Wonderland" in a role of Joy Miller;
  • "Thick as Thieves" in a role of Anne;
  • "Reality Bites" in a role of Vickie Miner;
  • "Stay" in a role of Dr. Beth Levy;
  • "Titan A.E." in a role of Stith;
  • "The Wild" in a role of Bridget;
  • "The Cable Guy" in a role of Medieval Times Waitress;
  • "Mystery Men" in a role of The Bowler;
  • "Southland Tales" in a role of General Teena MacArthur;
  • "The Truth About Cats & Dogs" in a role of Abby;
  • "Now and Then" in a role of Wiladene;

The photo image of Will Arnett, starring in the movie "Ratatouille"
Will Arnett
as a character
Will Arnett also starred in the next movies:
  • "Monster-in-Law" in a role of Kit;
  • "Ice Age: The Meltdown" in a role of Lone Gunslinger Vulture;
  • "Blades of Glory" in a role of Stranz Van Waldenberg;
  • "Hot Rod" in a role of Jonathan;
  • "The Brothers Solomon" in a role of John Solomon;
  • "The Comebacks" in a role of Mailman;
  • "Wristcutters: A Love Story" in a role of Messiah;
  • "Horton Hears a Who!";
  • "Let's Go to Prison" in a role of Nelson Biederman IV;
  • "Semi-Pro" in a role of Lou Redwood;
  • "RV" in a role of Todd Mallory;
  • "The Rocker" in a role of Lex;
  • "Monsters vs. Aliens" in a role of The Missing Link;
  • "Spring Breakdown" in a role of Ted;
  • "G-Force";
  • "When in Rome" in a role of Antonio;
  • "On Broadway" in a role of Tom;
  • "Brief Interviews with Hideous Men" in a role of Subject #11;

The photo image of Julius Callahan, starring in the movie "Ratatouille"
Julius Callahan
as a character

Julius Callahan starred only in the movie "Ratatouille"
The photo image of James Remar, starring in the movie "Ratatouille"
James Remar
as a character
James Remar also starred in the next movies:
  • "48 Hrs." in a role of Albert Ganz;
  • "Duplex" in a role of Chick;
  • "2 Fast 2 Furious" in a role of Agent Markham;
  • "What Lies Beneath" in a role of Warren Feur;
  • "The Girl Next Door" in a role of Hugo Posh;
  • "Blade: Trinity" in a role of Ray Cumberland;
  • "Blink" in a role of Thomas Ridgely;
  • "Fear X" in a role of Peter;
  • "Betrayal" in a role of Alex Tyler;
  • "Sharpshooter" in a role of Dillon;
  • "The Long Riders" in a role of Sam Starr;
  • "The Quest" in a role of Maxie Devine;
  • "Miracle on 34th Street" in a role of Jack Duff;
  • "Hellraiser: Inferno" in a role of Dr. Paul Gregory;
  • "The Warriors" in a role of Ajax;
  • "The Clan of the Cave Bear" in a role of Creb;
  • "The Unborn" in a role of Gordon Beldon;
  • "Band of the Hand" in a role of Nestor;
  • "Rent-a-Cop" in a role of Dancer;

The photo image of John Ratzenberger, starring in the movie "Ratatouille"
John Ratzenberger
as a character
John Ratzenberger also starred in the next movies:
  • "Monsters, Inc." in a role of Yeti;
  • "Toy Story" in a role of Hamm;
  • "Toy Story 2" in a role of Hamm the Piggy Bank;
  • "Cars" in a role of Mack/Hamm Truck/Abominable Snow Plow/P.T. Flea Car;
  • "Motel Hell" in a role of Drummer;
  • "WALL-E";
  • "A Bug's Life" in a role of P.T. Flea;
  • "Up" in a role of Construction Foreman Tom;
  • "Arabian Adventure" in a role of Achmed;
  • "That Darn Cat" in a role of Dusty;

The photo image of Teddy Newton, starring in the movie "Ratatouille"
Teddy Newton
as a character
Teddy Newton also starred in the next movies:
  • "The Incredibles" in a role of Newsreel Narrator;

The photo image of Tony Fucile, starring in the movie "Ratatouille"
Tony Fucile
as a character
Pompidou/Health Inspector

Tony Fucile starred only in the movie "Ratatouille"
The photo image of Jake Steinfeld, starring in the movie "Ratatouille"
Jake Steinfeld
as a character

Jake Steinfeld starred only in the movie "Ratatouille"
The photo image of Brad Bird, starring in the movie "Ratatouille"
Brad Bird
as a character
Ambrister Minion

Brad Bird starred only in the movie "Ratatouille"

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