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Movie genres: [Action] [Adventure] [Fantasy] [Sci-Fi]
Produced in 1983
Directed by Peter Yates

Short description of the movie "Krull"

The planet Krull has been invaded by the evil monster The Beast and his army The Slayers, two rival kingdoms have formed a alliance against The Beast and The Slayers, as Prince Colwyn, the son of King Turlord marries Princess Lyssa, daughter of King Eirig, where Prince Colwyn and Princess Lyssa's marriage will unite the two kingdoms and both Colwyn and Lyssa will rule the lands of Krull. But during the wedding, The Slayers attack and Lyssa is kidnapped. Setting out to rescue Lyssa, Colwyn joined by a fellowship companions: the Seer Ynyr, a band of escaped convicts led by Torquil, Rell, a one-eyed giant, Ergo, a cowardly magician, Emerald, a blind Seer and a young boy named Titch set off in search of The Black Fortress where Lyssa is being held captive, where The Beast intends to marry Lyssa in it's evil goal to rule Krull along with many other worlds. Armed with a powerful weapon "The Glave" a disc with five blades, Colwyn and his companions set off in search of The Black Fortress which changes location every sunrise, where Colwyn vows to rescue Lyssa and defeat The Beast and The Slayers.

Starring actors in "Krull" movie:

The photo image of Ken Marshall, starring in the movie "Krull"
Ken Marshall
as a character
Prince Colwyn

Ken Marshall starred only in the movie "Krull"
The photo image of Lysette Anthony, starring in the movie "Krull"
Lysette Anthony
as a character
Princess Lyssa
Lysette Anthony also starred in the next movies:
  • "Dracula: Dead and Loving It" in a role of Lucy Westenra;

The photo image of Freddie Jones, starring in the movie "Krull"
Freddie Jones
as a character
Freddie Jones also starred in the next movies:
  • "Dune" in a role of Thufir Hawat;
  • "The Elephant Man" in a role of Bytes;
  • "Wild at Heart" in a role of George Kovich;
  • "The Black Cauldron" in a role of Dallben;
  • "Firefox" in a role of Kenneth Aubrey;
  • "Young Sherlock Holmes" in a role of Cragwitch;

The photo image of Francesca Annis, starring in the movie "Krull"
Francesca Annis
as a character
Lyssa, Widow of the Web
Francesca Annis also starred in the next movies:
  • "Dune" in a role of Lady Jessica;
  • "The Libertine" in a role of Countess;
  • "The Tragedy of Macbeth" in a role of Lady Macbeth;

The photo image of Alun Armstrong, starring in the movie "Krull"
Alun Armstrong
as a character
Alun Armstrong also starred in the next movies:
  • "Van Helsing" in a role of Cardinal Jinette;
  • "Proof of Life" in a role of Wyatt;
  • "The Saint" in a role of Inspector Teal;
  • "The Mummy Returns" in a role of Baltus Hafez;
  • "It's All About Love" in a role of David;
  • "Millions" in a role of St. Peter;
  • "Patriot Games" in a role of Sgt. Owens;
  • "Eragon" in a role of Uncle Garrow;
  • "G:MT Greenwich Mean Time" in a role of Uncle Henry;

The photo image of David Battley, starring in the movie "Krull"
David Battley
as a character
David Battley also starred in the next movies:
  • "Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory" in a role of Mr. Turkentine;

The photo image of Bernard Bresslaw, starring in the movie "Krull"
Bernard Bresslaw
as a character
Rell the Cyclops
Bernard Bresslaw also starred in the next movies:
  • "Up Pompeii" in a role of Gorgo;
  • "Carry on Camping" in a role of Bernie Lugg;
  • "Hawk the Slayer" in a role of Gort, Giant;
  • "Moon Zero Two" in a role of Harry;

The photo image of Liam Neeson, starring in the movie "Krull"
Liam Neeson
as a character
Liam Neeson also starred in the next movies:
  • "Gangs of New York" in a role of Priest Vallon;
  • "The Mission" in a role of Fielding;
  • "Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace" in a role of Qui-Gon Jinn;
  • "Kingdom of Heaven" in a role of Godfrey;
  • "Batman Begins" in a role of Henri Ducard;
  • "Excalibur" in a role of Gawain;
  • "K-19: The Widowmaker" in a role of Mikhail Polenin;
  • "Misérables, Les" in a role of Jean Valjean;
  • "The Bounty" in a role of Seaman Charles Churchill;
  • "Seraphim Falls" in a role of Carver;
  • "Love Actually" in a role of Daniel;
  • "Rob Roy" in a role of Robert Roy MacGregor;
  • "The Dead Pool" in a role of Peter Swan;
  • "Breakfast on Pluto" in a role of Father Liam;
  • "Taken" in a role of Bryan;
  • "Five Minutes of Heaven" in a role of Alistair Little;
  • "Schindler's List" in a role of Oskar Schindler;
  • "Darkman" in a role of Darkman;
  • "The Other Man" in a role of Peter;
  • "Before and After" in a role of Ben Ryan;
  • "Under Suspicion" in a role of Tony Aaron;
  • "Chloe" in a role of David;

The photo image of John Welsh, starring in the movie "Krull"
John Welsh
as a character
The Seer

John Welsh starred only in the movie "Krull"
The photo image of Graham McGrath, starring in the movie "Krull"
Graham McGrath
as a character

Graham McGrath starred only in the movie "Krull"
The photo image of Tony Church, starring in the movie "Krull"
Tony Church
as a character

Tony Church starred only in the movie "Krull"
The photo image of Bernard Archard, starring in the movie "Krull"
Bernard Archard
as a character
Bernard Archard also starred in the next movies:
  • "Play Dirty" in a role of Col. Homerton;

The photo image of Belinda Mayne, starring in the movie "Krull"
Belinda Mayne
as a character

Belinda Mayne starred only in the movie "Krull"
The photo image of Dicken Ashworth, starring in the movie "Krull"
Dicken Ashworth
as a character
Dicken Ashworth also starred in the next movies:
  • "Wallace & Gromit in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit" in a role of Mr. Mulch;

The photo image of Todd Carty, starring in the movie "Krull"
Todd Carty
as a character

Todd Carty starred only in the movie "Krull"

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