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Movie genre: [Comedy]
Produced in 2002
Directed by Alexandre Rockwell

Short description of the movie "13 Moons"

The director of such off-beat independent films as In the Soup, director Alexandre Rockwell once again teams with that film's star to deliver this Los Angeles-based comedy concerning superstition and intersecting lives. Things aren't looking so good for television clown Banana's (Steve Buscemi) career, and the fact that his estranged wife, Suzi (Jennifer Beals), has just been arrested for assaulting his girlfriend, Lily (Karyn Parsons), just serves to compound Banana's despair. Teaming with sidekick Binky (Peter Dinklage) to enlist the aid of bail-bondsman Mo (David Proval), Banana and Binky discover that Mo is currently negotiating the release of hip-hop mogul Lenny's (Daryl Mitchell) wife, Sandra (Rose Rollins). The hapless group soon teams to help Mo by finding a suitable kidney donor for the bail-bondsman's ailing son, and though they quickly happen across a drunk (Peter Stormare) who fits the bill, the trouble comes in keeping the prospect in the hospital. Doing their best to help Mo's son under increasingly chaotic circumstances, personal tensions flare as each character desperately tries to simultaneously battle their own inner demons.

Starring actors in "13 Moons" movie:

The photo image of Jennifer Beals, starring in the movie "13 Moons"
Jennifer Beals
as a character
Jennifer Beals also starred in the next movies:
  • "Four Rooms" in a role of Angela (segments "The Wrong Man", "The Man from Hollywood");
  • "The Grudge 2" in a role of Trish;
  • "Devil in a Blue Dress" in a role of Daphne Monet;
  • "The Last Days of Disco" in a role of Nina;
  • "Flashdance" in a role of Alex Owens;

The photo image of Elizabeth Bracco, starring in the movie "13 Moons"
Elizabeth Bracco
as a character
Louise Potter
Elizabeth Bracco also starred in the next movies:
  • "Interview" in a role of Woman at Restaurant;
  • "Money for Nothing" in a role of Eleanor Coyle;
  • "The Color of Money" in a role of Diane at Bar;

The photo image of Steve Buscemi, starring in the movie "13 Moons"
Steve Buscemi
as a character
Bananas The Clown
Steve Buscemi also starred in the next movies:
  • "Armageddon" in a role of Rockhound;
  • "Reservoir Dogs" in a role of Mr. Pink;
  • "Monsters, Inc." in a role of Randall Boggs;
  • "Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within" in a role of Officer Neil Fleming;
  • "Mr. Deeds" in a role of Crazy Eyes;
  • "Big Fish" in a role of Norther Winslow;
  • "Desperado" in a role of Buscemi;
  • "The Big Lebowski" in a role of Theodore Donald 'Donny' Kerabatsos;
  • "The Laramie Project" in a role of Doc O'Conner;
  • "Con Air" in a role of Garland 'The Marietta Mangler' Greene;
  • "Big Daddy" in a role of Homeless Guy;
  • "Fargo" in a role of Carl Showalter;
  • "Monster House" in a role of Nebbercracker;
  • "I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry";
  • "I Think I Love My Wife" in a role of George;
  • "Interview" in a role of Pierre Peders;
  • "Charlotte's Web" in a role of Templeton the Rat;
  • "King of New York" in a role of Test Tube;
  • "Igor" in a role of Scamper;
  • "The Island" in a role of James McCord;
  • "Home on the Range" in a role of Wesley;
  • "Escape from L.A." in a role of Map to the Stars Eddie;
  • "Ghost World" in a role of Seymour;
  • "G-Force" in a role of Bucky;
  • "Miller's Crossing" in a role of Mink;
  • "28 Days" in a role of Cornell Shaw;
  • "Spy Kids 2: Island of Lost Dreams" in a role of Romero;
  • "Youth in Revolt" in a role of George Twisp;
  • "Rising Sun" in a role of Willy 'the Weasel' Wilhelm;
  • "The Messenger" in a role of Dale Martin;

The photo image of Peter Dinklage, starring in the movie "13 Moons"
Peter Dinklage
as a character
Peter Dinklage also starred in the next movies:
  • "Elf" in a role of Miles Finch;
  • "Human Nature" in a role of Frank;
  • "Death at a Funeral" in a role of Peter;
  • "Underdog" in a role of Dr. Simon Barsinister;
  • "Penelope" in a role of Lemon;
  • "The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian" in a role of Trumpkin;

The photo image of Daryl Mitchell, starring in the movie "13 Moons"
Daryl Mitchell
as a character
Daryl Mitchell also starred in the next movies:
  • "Galaxy Quest";
  • "Sgt. Bilko" in a role of Pfc. Wally Holbrook;
  • "A Thin Line Between Love and Hate" in a role of Earl;
  • "Lucky Numbers" in a role of Det. Chambers;
  • "Black Knight" in a role of Steve;

The photo image of Karyn Parsons, starring in the movie "13 Moons"
Karyn Parsons
as a character

Karyn Parsons starred only in the movie "13 Moons"
The photo image of David Proval, starring in the movie "13 Moons"
David Proval
as a character
Mo Potter
David Proval also starred in the next movies:
  • "Four Rooms" in a role of Sigfried (segment "The Wrong Man");
  • "The Shawshank Redemption" in a role of Snooze;
  • "The Siege" in a role of Danny Sussman;
  • "Romeo Is Bleeding" in a role of Scully;
  • "Phantom Punch" in a role of Savino;
  • "Mean Streets" in a role of Tony;
  • "UHF" in a role of Head Thug;

The photo image of Rose Rollins, starring in the movie "13 Moons"
Rose Rollins
as a character

Rose Rollins starred only in the movie "13 Moons"
The photo image of Peter Stormare, starring in the movie "13 Moons"
Peter Stormare
as a character
Peter Stormare also starred in the next movies:
  • "8MM" in a role of Dino Velvet;
  • "Armageddon" in a role of Lev Andropov, Russian Cosmonaut;
  • "Minority Report";
  • "Bad Company" in a role of Adrik Vas;
  • "Bad Boys II" in a role of Alexei;
  • "Chocolat" in a role of Serge Muscat;
  • "Constantine" in a role of Satan;
  • "The Big Lebowski" in a role of Uli Kunkel, nihilist #1 - 'Karl Hungus';
  • "Fargo" in a role of Gaear Grimsrud;
  • "Windtalkers" in a role of Gunnery Sergeant Hjelmstad;
  • "2001 Maniacs" in a role of Professor Ackerman;
  • "Premonition" in a role of Dr. Norman Roth;
  • "Unknown" in a role of Snakeskin Boots/Stefan Burian;
  • "The Tuxedo" in a role of Dr. Simms;
  • "Boot Camp" in a role of Norman Hail;
  • "Insanitarium";
  • "The Horsemen" in a role of Mr. Spitz;
  • "The Killing Room" in a role of Dr. Phillips;
  • "Dancer in the Dark" in a role of Jeff;
  • "The Batman vs Dracula: The Animated Movie" in a role of Dracula;
  • "Mercury Rising" in a role of Shayes;

The photo image of Pruitt Taylor Vince, starring in the movie "13 Moons"
Pruitt Taylor Vince
as a character
Pruitt Taylor Vince also starred in the next movies:
  • "Natural Born Killers" in a role of Deputy Warden Kavanaugh;
  • "Identity" in a role of Malcolm Rivers;
  • "Red Heat" in a role of Night Clerk;
  • "Constantine" in a role of Father Hennessy;
  • "Trapped" in a role of Marvin;
  • "Monster" in a role of Gene/Stuttering "John";
  • "Captivity" in a role of Ben;
  • "In the Electric Mist" in a role of Lou Girard;
  • "Jacob's Ladder" in a role of Paul;
  • "Nobody's Fool" in a role of Rub Squeers;
  • "K-9" in a role of Benny the Mule;
  • "The Echo" in a role of Joseph;
  • "The Legend of 1900" in a role of Max Tooney;
  • "Mississippi Burning" in a role of Lester Cowans;

The photo image of Gareth Williams, starring in the movie "13 Moons"
Gareth Williams
as a character
Gareth Williams also starred in the next movies:
  • "Hollywoodland" in a role of Del;

The photo image of Austin Wolff, starring in the movie "13 Moons"
Austin Wolff
as a character

Austin Wolff starred only in the movie "13 Moons"
The photo image of Francesco Messina, starring in the movie "13 Moons"
Francesco Messina
as a character

Francesco Messina starred only in the movie "13 Moons"
The photo image of Sam Rockwell, starring in the movie "13 Moons"
Sam Rockwell
as a character
Sam Rockwell also starred in the next movies:
  • "Charlie's Angels" in a role of Eric Knox;
  • "Galaxy Quest";
  • "The Green Mile" in a role of 'Wild Bill' Wharton;
  • "Confessions of a Dangerous Mind" in a role of Chuck Barris;
  • "Heist";
  • "Joshua" in a role of Brad Cairn;
  • "The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford" in a role of Charley Ford;
  • "Matchstick Men" in a role of Frank Mercer;
  • "Snow Angels" in a role of Glenn;
  • "Clownhouse" in a role of Randy;
  • "Moon" in a role of Sam Bell;
  • "Jerry and Tom" in a role of Jerry;
  • "Iron Man 2" in a role of Justin Hammer;

The photo image of Matthew Sussman, starring in the movie "13 Moons"
Matthew Sussman
as a character
Doctor Monroe
Matthew Sussman also starred in the next movies:
  • "Kate & Leopold" in a role of Ad Executive Phil;

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