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Movie genres: [Crime] [Thriller]
Produced in 2008
Directed by Gregory Hoblit

Short description of the movie "Untraceable"

A secret service agent, Jennifer Marsh, gets caught in a very personal and deadly cat-and-mouse game with a serial killer who knows that people (being what they are - both curious and drawn to the dark side of things) will log onto an "untraceable" website where he conducts violent and painful murders LIVE on the net. The more people who log on and enter the website, the quicker and more violently the victim dies.

Starring actors in "Untraceable" movie:

The photo image of Diane Lane, starring in the movie "Untraceable"
Diane Lane
as a character
Jennifer Marsh
Diane Lane also starred in the next movies:
  • "Unfaithful" in a role of Constance 'Connie'/'Con' Sumner;
  • "The Perfect Storm" in a role of Christina 'Chris' Cotter;
  • "Judge Dredd" in a role of Judge Hershey;
  • "Fierce People" in a role of Liz Earl;
  • "Hollywoodland" in a role of Toni Mannix;
  • "Murder at 1600" in a role of Agent Nina Chance;
  • "Hard Ball" in a role of Elizabeth Wilkes;
  • "The Outsiders" in a role of Sherri 'Cherry' Valance;
  • "Jumper" in a role of Mary Rice;
  • "Under the Tuscan Sun" in a role of Frances;
  • "Knight Moves" in a role of Kathy Sheppard;
  • "Must Love Dogs" in a role of Sarah Nolan;
  • "Nights in Rodanthe" in a role of Adrienne Willis;
  • "Killshot" in a role of Carmen Colson;
  • "Lonesome Dove" in a role of Lorena Wood;
  • "The Glass House" in a role of Erin Glass;
  • "Rumble Fish" in a role of Patty;

The photo image of Colin Hanks, starring in the movie "Untraceable"
Colin Hanks
Colin Hanks also starred in the next movies:
  • "King Kong" in a role of Preston;
  • "My Mom's New Boyfriend" in a role of Henry Durand;
  • "11:14 (Eleven Fourteen, The Movie)" in a role of Mark;
  • "The House Bunny" in a role of Oliver;
  • "The Great Buck Howard" in a role of Troy Gabel;

The photo image of Billy Burke, starring in the movie "Untraceable"
Billy Burke
Billy Burke also starred in the next movies:
  • "Ladder 49" in a role of Dennis Gauquin;
  • "Jane Austen's Mafia!" in a role of Joey Cortino;
  • "Fracture" in a role of Rob Nunally;
  • "Feast of Love" in a role of David Watson;
  • "The Twilight Saga: New Moon" in a role of Charlie Swan;
  • "Along Came a Spider" in a role of Ben Devine;

The photo image of Joseph Cross, starring in the movie "Untraceable"
Joseph Cross
Joseph Cross also starred in the next movies:
  • "Strangers with Candy" in a role of Derrick Blank;
  • "Running with Scissors" in a role of Augusten Burroughs;
  • "Falling Up" in a role of Henry O'Shea;

The photo image of Mary Beth Hurt, starring in the movie "Untraceable"
Mary Beth Hurt
Mary Beth Hurt also starred in the next movies:
  • "Lady in the Water" in a role of Mrs. Bell;
  • "The Walker" in a role of Chrissie Morgan;
  • "The Exorcism of Emily Rose" in a role of Judge Brewster;
  • "D.A.R.Y.L." in a role of Joyce Richardson;
  • "The Age of Innocence" in a role of Regina Beaufort;
  • "The World According to Garp" in a role of Helen Holm;

The photo image of Tim De Zarn, starring in the movie "Untraceable"
Tim De Zarn
as a character
Tim De Zarn also starred in the next movies:
  • "Fight Club" in a role of Inspector Bird;
  • "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning" in a role of Ed;
  • "One Night at McCool's" in a role of Detective Ertagian;

The photo image of Daniel Liu, starring in the movie "Untraceable"
Daniel Liu
as a character
Detective Tom Moy

Daniel Liu starred only in the movie "Untraceable"
The photo image of Jodi Altendorf, starring in the movie "Untraceable"
Jodi Altendorf
as a character

Jodi Altendorf starred only in the movie "Untraceable"
The photo image of Brian Benjamin, starring in the movie "Untraceable"
Brian Benjamin
as a character
Police Officer

Brian Benjamin starred only in the movie "Untraceable"
The photo image of John Breen, starring in the movie "Untraceable"
John Breen
as a character
Richard Weymouth
John Breen also starred in the next movies:
  • "Wendy and Lucy" in a role of Mr. Hunt;
  • "The Auteur" in a role of Frank E. Normo;

The photo image of Dan Callahan, starring in the movie "Untraceable"
Dan Callahan
as a character
Trey Restrom
Dan Callahan also starred in the next movies:
  • "Madhouse" in a role of Dr. Hendricks;
  • "Pathology" in a role of Chip Bentwood;
  • "Henry Poole Is Here";
  • "The Midnight Meat Train" in a role of Troy Taleveski;

The photo image of Ryan Deal, starring in the movie "Untraceable"
Ryan Deal
as a character
Officer Wone

Ryan Deal starred only in the movie "Untraceable"
The photo image of Gray Eubank, starring in the movie "Untraceable"
Gray Eubank
as a character
Gray Eubank also starred in the next movies:
  • "The Burning Plain" in a role of Lawrence;

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