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Movie genres: [Comedy] [Crime] [Drama] [Musical]
Produced in 2002
Directed by Rob Marshall

Short description of the movie "Chicago"

Fame hungry Roxie Hart dreams of a life on the Vaudville stage, and spends her nights jazzing it up in the bright lights of Chicago, continually hoping that she'll find her lucky break, and be shot into 1920's stardom, so able to flee her boring husband Amos. In awe of seductive club singer Velma Kelly (who is subsequantly arrested for the murder of her husband and sister - after discovering their affair), Roxie meets Fred Cassely a man who convinces her he can 'make her showbiz career take off'. However after Roxie has undergone the 'casting couch' treatment, and Fred has had his wicked way with her, he reveals that he has no more connections in showbusiness than she does. This is the final straw for Roxie, and her constant anger at rejection explodes. She shoots Fred Cassely and kills him. Upon discovering her infidelity, Roxie's husband Amos refuses to take the blame for the murder and Roxie is sent to jail, pending hanging. In jail she finally meets tabloid darling Velma Kelly, currently receiving huge media attention for the double murder she committed earlier in the tale. Sharing the clink with Velma, are a collection of other sly females, all awaiting trial for the murders of their own partners. Velma is aloof to Roxie, however the prison Warden Mrs Morton offers Roxie the opportunity of representation by slick Chicago lawyer Billy Flynn. Billy is more a showbiz P. R agent than a legal lawyer and minipulates the tabloids into thinking Roxie is no more than an innocent 'good time girl' who took the wrong path, than a scheming murderess. The tabloids go crazy for the new girl on the cell block, and Roxie finally becomes a star. However due to Roxie's new found fame, Velma is forgotten about. She is forced to approach Roxie with an offer of a part in her Vaudville act (filling the gap left by her murdered sister), but Roxie turns down her offer flat, thinking she needs no support in topping the bill. However, just as Velma's star fell, so does Roxie's, when Go-to-hell Kitty arrives at the jail on a multiple murder charge, the press forget Roxie and now she and Velma are in the same boat. With one more trick up her sleave Roxie manages to bring the media attention back onto her, and her day in court arrives. Billy is now ready to play the ultimate showman!

Starring actors in "Chicago" movie:

The photo image of Taye Diggs, starring in the movie "Chicago"
Taye Diggs
as a character
Taye Diggs also starred in the next movies:
  • "Equilibrium" in a role of Brandt;
  • "House on Haunted Hill" in a role of Eddie Baker;
  • "Rent" in a role of Benjamin Coffin III;
  • "Basic" in a role of Pike;
  • "Slow Burn" in a role of Jeffrey Sykes;
  • "The Way of the Gun" in a role of Jeffers;

The photo image of Cliff Saunders, starring in the movie "Chicago"
Cliff Saunders
as a character
Stage Manager
Cliff Saunders also starred in the next movies:
  • "Open Range" in a role of Ralph;
  • "Spider" in a role of Bob;

The photo image of Catherine Zeta-Jones, starring in the movie "Chicago"
Catherine Zeta-Jones
as a character
Velma Kelly
Catherine Zeta-Jones also starred in the next movies:
  • "The Haunting" in a role of Theo;
  • "Entrapment" in a role of Virginia Baker;
  • "The Terminal" in a role of Amelia Warren;
  • "Ocean's Twelve" in a role of Isabel Lahiri;
  • "Intolerable Cruelty" in a role of Marylin Rexroth;
  • "The Mask of Zorro" in a role of Elena Montero/Elena Murrieta;
  • "The Legend of Zorro" in a role of Elena;
  • "Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas" in a role of Marina;
  • "No Reservations" in a role of Kate;
  • "The Rebound" in a role of Sandy;
  • "America's Sweethearts" in a role of Gwen Harrison;

The photo image of Renée Zellweger, starring in the movie "Chicago"
Renée Zellweger
as a character
Roxie Hart
Renée Zellweger also starred in the next movies:
  • "Bridget Jones's Diary" in a role of Bridget Jones;
  • "Cold Mountain" in a role of Ruby Thewes;
  • "Shark Tale" in a role of Angie;
  • "Jerry Maguire" in a role of Dorothy Boyd;
  • "Reality Bites" in a role of Tami;
  • "Cinderella Man" in a role of Mae Braddock;
  • "Bee Movie" in a role of Vanessa Bloome;
  • "Miss Potter" in a role of Beatrix Potter;
  • "The Return of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre" in a role of Jenny;
  • "Empire Records" in a role of Gina;
  • "One True Thing" in a role of Ellen Gulden;
  • "My One and Only" in a role of Anne Deveraux;
  • "Down with Love" in a role of Barbara Novak;

The photo image of Dominic West, starring in the movie "Chicago"
Dominic West
as a character
Fred Casely
Dominic West also starred in the next movies:
  • "The Forgotten" in a role of Ash Correll;
  • "Mona Lisa Smile" in a role of Bill Dunbar;
  • "300" in a role of Theron;
  • "Hannibal Rising" in a role of Inspector Popil;
  • "A Christmas Carol" in a role of Fred;
  • "Punisher: War Zone" in a role of Jigsaw;
  • "Rock Star" in a role of Kirk Cuddy, Steel Dragon Guitarist;
  • "28 Days" in a role of Jasper;

The photo image of Richard Gere, starring in the movie "Chicago"
Richard Gere
as a character
Billy Flynn
Richard Gere also starred in the next movies:
  • "Unfaithful" in a role of Edward 'Ed' Sumner;
  • "Runaway Bride" in a role of Ike Graham;
  • "The Jackal" in a role of Declan Joseph Mulqueen;
  • "Final Analysis" in a role of Dr. Isaac Barr;
  • "First Knight" in a role of Lancelot;
  • "Pretty Woman" in a role of Edward Lewis;
  • "Primal Fear" in a role of Martin Vail;
  • "Bee Season" in a role of Saul;
  • "No Mercy" in a role of Eddie Jillette;
  • "The Hoax" in a role of Clifford Irving;
  • "The Flock" in a role of Agent Erroll Babbage;
  • "The Hunting Party" in a role of Simon;
  • "I'm Not There" in a role of Billy the Kid;
  • "Breathless" in a role of Jesse Lujack;
  • "Officer and a Gentleman, An" in a role of Zack Mayo;
  • "Nights in Rodanthe" in a role of Dr. Paul Flanner;
  • "The Mothman Prophecies" in a role of John Klein;
  • "Red Corner" in a role of Jack Moore;
  • "Mr. Jones" in a role of Mr. Jones;
  • "Hachiko: A Dog's Story" in a role of Parker Wilson;
  • "Brooklyn's Finest" in a role of Eddie Dugan;

The photo image of Jayne Eastwood, starring in the movie "Chicago"
Jayne Eastwood
as a character
Mrs. Borusewicz
Jayne Eastwood also starred in the next movies:
  • "Dawn of the Dead" in a role of Norma;
  • "Snow Cake" in a role of Ellen Freeman;
  • "That Old Feeling" in a role of Aunt Iris;
  • "The Santa Clause" in a role of Judy the Waitress;
  • "Real Time" in a role of Grandma;
  • "The Care Bears Movie" in a role of Mrs. Cherrywood;
  • "The Echo" in a role of Lucille Jiminez;
  • "Northern Lights" in a role of Mayor Hopp;

The photo image of Bruce Beaton, starring in the movie "Chicago"
Bruce Beaton
as a character
Police Photographer

Bruce Beaton starred only in the movie "Chicago"
The photo image of Christine Baranski, starring in the movie "Chicago"
Christine Baranski
as a character
Mary Sunshine
Christine Baranski also starred in the next movies:
  • "Cruel Intentions" in a role of Bunny Caldwell;
  • "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" in a role of Martha May Whovier;
  • "Bowfinger" in a role of Carol;
  • "Mamma Mia!" in a role of Tanya;
  • "Eloise at the Plaza" in a role of Prunella Stickler;
  • "The Ref" in a role of Connie Chasseur;
  • "Legal Eagles" in a role of Carol Freeman;
  • "Relative Strangers" in a role of Arleen Clayton;
  • "The Bounty Hunter" in a role of Kitty Hurley;

The photo image of Roman Podhora, starring in the movie "Chicago"
Roman Podhora
as a character
Sergeant Fogarty
Roman Podhora also starred in the next movies:
  • "K-19: The Widowmaker" in a role of Lapinsh;
  • "The Good Shepherd" in a role of Detective Sherman;
  • "Troglodyte aka Sea Beast" in a role of Roy;

The photo image of John C. Reilly, starring in the movie "Chicago"
John C. Reilly
as a character
Amos Hart
John C. Reilly also starred in the next movies:
  • "Gangs of New York" in a role of 'Happy' Jack Mulraney;
  • "The Thin Red Line" in a role of Sergeant Storm;
  • "The Aviator" in a role of Noah Dietrich;
  • "The Perfect Storm" in a role of Dale 'Murph' Murphy;
  • "The River Wild" in a role of Terry;
  • "What's Eating Gilbert Grape" in a role of Tucker Van Dyke;
  • "Boogie Nights" in a role of Reed Rothchild;
  • "Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby" in a role of Cal Naughton, Jr.;
  • "Year of the Dog" in a role of Al;
  • "Casualties of War" in a role of PFC. Herbert Hatcher;
  • "We're No Angels" in a role of Young Monk;
  • "Sydney aka Hard Eight" in a role of John;
  • "The Promotion" in a role of Richard;
  • "Step Brothers" in a role of Dale Doback;
  • "Days of Thunder" in a role of Buck Bretherton;
  • "9" in a role of 5;
  • "Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant" in a role of Larten Crepsley;
  • "Never Been Kissed" in a role of Gus;

The photo image of Colm Feore, starring in the movie "Chicago"
Colm Feore
as a character
Colm Feore also starred in the next movies:
  • "Paycheck" in a role of John Wolfe;
  • "The Chronicles of Riddick" in a role of Lord Marshal;
  • "City of Angels" in a role of Jordan Ferris;
  • "National Security" in a role of Detective Frank McDuff;
  • "Face/Off" in a role of Dr. Malcolm Walsh;
  • "Point of Origin" in a role of Mike Matassa;
  • "Highwaymen" in a role of Fargo;
  • "The Exorcism of Emily Rose" in a role of Karl Gunderson;
  • "Bon Cop, Bad Cop" in a role of Martin Ward;
  • "Wargames: The Dead Code" in a role of Kenneth Hassert;
  • "Six Reasons Why" in a role of The Preacher;
  • "The Insider" in a role of Richard Scruggs;
  • "Changeling" in a role of Chief James E. Davis;
  • "The Poet (aka Hearts Of War)" in a role of Colonel Hass;
  • "24: Redemption" in a role of Henry Taylor;
  • "Intervention" in a role of Bill;
  • "The Caveman's Valentine" in a role of Leppenraub;

The photo image of Rob Smith, starring in the movie "Chicago"
Rob Smith
as a character
Newspaper Photographer

Rob Smith starred only in the movie "Chicago"
The photo image of Shawn Wayne Doyle, starring in the movie "Chicago"
Shawn Wayne Doyle
as a character

Shawn Wayne Doyle starred only in the movie "Chicago"
The photo image of Steve Behal, starring in the movie "Chicago"
Steve Behal
as a character
Prison Clerk

Steve Behal starred only in the movie "Chicago"
The photo image of Robbie Rox, starring in the movie "Chicago"
Robbie Rox
as a character
Prison Guard

Robbie Rox starred only in the movie "Chicago"
The photo image of Chita Rivera, starring in the movie "Chicago"
Chita Rivera
as a character

Chita Rivera starred only in the movie "Chicago"

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