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Movie genres: [Crime] [Drama] [Romance]
Produced in 1936
Directed by Alfred Santell

Short description of the movie "Winterset"

Immigrant radical Bartolomeo Romagna is falsely condemned and executed for a payroll robbery. Years later, his son Mio sets out to find the truth of the crime and to bring to account the gangster Trock Estrella.

Starring actors in "Winterset" movie:

The photo image of Burgess Meredith, starring in the movie "Winterset"
Burgess Meredith
as a character
Mio Romagna
Burgess Meredith also starred in the next movies:
  • "Grumpy Old Men" in a role of Grandpa Gustafson;
  • "Grumpier Old Men" in a role of Grandpa Gustafson;
  • "Rocky III" in a role of Mickey Goldmill;
  • "Batman" in a role of The Penguin;
  • "Clash of the Titans" in a role of Ammon;
  • "The Day of the Locust" in a role of Harry Greener;
  • "Rocky" in a role of Mickey Goldmill;
  • "Rocky II" in a role of Mickey Goldmill;
  • "Rocky V" in a role of Mickey Goldmill;
  • "A Big Hand for the Little Lady" in a role of Doc Joseph Scully;

The photo image of Margo, starring in the movie "Winterset"
as a character
Miriamne Esdras

Margo starred only in the movie "Winterset"
The photo image of Eduardo Ciannelli, starring in the movie "Winterset"
Eduardo Ciannelli
as a character
Trock Estrella
Eduardo Ciannelli also starred in the next movies:
  • "Houseboat" in a role of Arturo Zaccardi;

The photo image of Maurice Moscovitch, starring in the movie "Winterset"
Maurice Moscovitch
as a character
Maurice Moscovitch also starred in the next movies:
  • "The Great Dictator" in a role of Mr. Jaeckel;

The photo image of Paul Guilfoyle, starring in the movie "Winterset"
Paul Guilfoyle
as a character
Garth Esdras
Paul Guilfoyle also starred in the next movies:
  • "Beverly Hills Cop II" in a role of Nikos Thomopolis;
  • "Air Force One" in a role of Chief of Staff Lloyd 'Shep' Shepherd;
  • "Final Analysis" in a role of Mike O'Brien;
  • "Striptease" in a role of Malcolm Moldovsky;
  • "Ransom" in a role of Wallace;
  • "L.A. Confidential" in a role of Meyer Harris 'Mickey' Cohen;
  • "Heaven's Prisoners" in a role of Det. Magelli;
  • "Entropy" in a role of Andy;
  • "Random Hearts" in a role of Dick Montoya;
  • "Session 9" in a role of Bill Griggs;
  • "True Colors" in a role of John Laury;
  • "Cadillac Man" in a role of Little Jack Turgeon;
  • "Howard the Duck" in a role of Lieutenant Welker;
  • "The Virginian" in a role of Shorty;

The photo image of Edward Ellis, starring in the movie "Winterset"
Edward Ellis
as a character
Judge Gaunt
Edward Ellis also starred in the next movies:
  • "Fury" in a role of Sheriff;

The photo image of Stanley Ridges, starring in the movie "Winterset"
Stanley Ridges
as a character

Stanley Ridges starred only in the movie "Winterset"
The photo image of Mischa Auer, starring in the movie "Winterset"
Mischa Auer
as a character
A radical
Mischa Auer also starred in the next movies:
  • "A Royal Scandal" in a role of Capt. Sukov;
  • "Hold That Ghost" in a role of Gregory;
  • "And Then There Were None" in a role of Prince Nikita 'Nikki' Starloff;

The photo image of Willard Robertson, starring in the movie "Winterset"
Willard Robertson
as a character

Willard Robertson starred only in the movie "Winterset"
The photo image of Alec Craig, starring in the movie "Winterset"
Alec Craig
as a character
Alec Craig also starred in the next movies:
  • "The House of Fear" in a role of Angus, Fisherman;
  • "The Spider Woman" in a role of Radlik;

The photo image of John Carradine, starring in the movie "Winterset"
John Carradine
as a character
Bartolomeo Romagna
John Carradine also starred in the next movies:
  • "The Howling" in a role of Erle Kenton;
  • "The Ice Pirates" in a role of Supreme Commander;
  • "The Secret of NIMH" in a role of Great Owl;
  • "The Court Jester" in a role of Giacomo;
  • "The Unearthly" in a role of Dr. Charles Conway;
  • "The Mummy's Ghost" in a role of Yousef Bey;
  • "Thank You, Mr. Moto" in a role of Pieriera;
  • "Mr. Moto's Last Warning" in a role of Richard Burke;
  • "The Shootist" in a role of Hezekiah Beckum;
  • "The Last Hurrah" in a role of Amos Force;

The photo image of Myron McCormick, starring in the movie "Winterset"
Myron McCormick
as a character
Myron McCormick also starred in the next movies:
  • "Not as a Stranger" in a role of Dr. Snider;

The photo image of Helen Jerome Eddy, starring in the movie "Winterset"
Helen Jerome Eddy
as a character
Maria Romagna
Helen Jerome Eddy also starred in the next movies:
  • "Torch Singer" in a role of Miss Spaulding;

The photo image of Barbara Pepper, starring in the movie "Winterset"
Barbara Pepper
as a character
A girl
Barbara Pepper also starred in the next movies:
  • "Our Daily Bread" in a role of Sally;

The photo image of Fernanda Eliscu, starring in the movie "Winterset"
Fernanda Eliscu
as a character

Fernanda Eliscu starred only in the movie "Winterset"

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