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Movie genres: [Crime] [Horror]
Produced in 2002
Directed by Chris Fisher

Short description of the movie "Nightstalker"

The night sets over Los Angeles and the NIGHTSTALKER speeds through downtown, smoking crack and searching for prostitutes, he finds both. After realizing he can't get what he wants from women, he sets off to feed his unholy hunger by heading into the suburbs of East Los Angeles where he murders and rapes a young woman as she sleeps in her house. Five days later, a young and beautiful beat cop, GABRIELLA MARTINEZ and her older, corrupt partner, FRANK LUIS, answer a call to a home and find the bodies of the young woman and her husband, mutilated and marked by Satanic ritual. Over the next few weeks, the Nightstalker continues his reign of terror and after more gruesome murders, Gabriella Martinez is offered a job on the task force investigating the murders that have kept the city of East Los Angeles in a state of total fear. Although skeptical of the reasons for her promotion, she nevertheless decides to try and make a difference and catch this killer who represents everything that she stands against. LIEUTENANT MAYBERRY and DETECTIVE ELLIOTT, her superiors on the task force, offer her a lukewarm welcome. Distracted by her own life choices, the inappropriate advances of co-workers, and the homelife she has been forced to play the role of patriarch in, she makes an error of judgment by leaking classified information to a young, aggressive reporter, ADRIANNE DELOIA. Suspended from the force, Martinez is visited by her old partner, Luis, who tells her that through some "dirty" policework he found out where the suspect was hiding. Still interested in doing the right thing, Martinez convinces Luis to take her downtown where she learns that the Nightstalker has picked her and the reporter as his next victims. Martinez and the Nightstalker become engaged in a game of cat-and-mouse that ends up with Martinez being force to decide between killing this murderer or letting him be arrested... Deciding to take a new path in her life, she lets him go. The same world which created this monster will now take his life, but she will not poison herself by killing another human being and becoming like him.

Starring actors in "Nightstalker" movie:

The photo image of Bret Roberts, starring in the movie "Nightstalker"
Bret Roberts
as a character
Bret Roberts also starred in the next movies:
  • "Crooked aka Soft Target" in a role of Burton;
  • "In Search of a Midnight Kiss" in a role of Bui;
  • "S. Darko" in a role of Officer O' Dell;
  • "Beach Kings" in a role of Verde;

The photo image of Joseph McKelheer, starring in the movie "Nightstalker"
Joseph McKelheer
as a character
Joseph McKelheer also starred in the next movies:
  • "April Fool's Day" in a role of Charles;
  • "Godspeed" in a role of Charlie Shepard;

The photo image of Roxanne Day, starring in the movie "Nightstalker"
Roxanne Day
as a character

Roxanne Day starred only in the movie "Nightstalker"
The photo image of Julian Garcia, starring in the movie "Nightstalker"
Julian Garcia
as a character
Man on Couch

Julian Garcia starred only in the movie "Nightstalker"
The photo image of Christine Long, starring in the movie "Nightstalker"
Christine Long
as a character

Christine Long starred only in the movie "Nightstalker"
The photo image of Mikal Kartvedt, starring in the movie "Nightstalker"
Mikal Kartvedt
as a character
SWAT officer

Mikal Kartvedt starred only in the movie "Nightstalker"
The photo image of Ana Mercedes, starring in the movie "Nightstalker"
Ana Mercedes
as a character
Mrs. Riviera

Ana Mercedes starred only in the movie "Nightstalker"
The photo image of Roselyn Sanchez, starring in the movie "Nightstalker"
Roselyn Sanchez
as a character
Gabriella Martinez
Roselyn Sanchez also starred in the next movies:
  • "Boat Trip" in a role of Gabriella;
  • "Rush Hour 2" in a role of Isabella Molina;
  • "Basic" in a role of Nunez;
  • "Rush Hour 3" in a role of Isabella Molina;
  • "The Game Plan" in a role of Monique Vasquez;
  • "Shooting Gallery" in a role of Jezebel Black;
  • "The Perfect Sleep" in a role of Porphyria;

The photo image of Danny Trejo, starring in the movie "Nightstalker"
Danny Trejo
as a character
Officer Frank Luis
Danny Trejo also starred in the next movies:
  • "Six Days Seven Nights" in a role of Pierce;
  • "Once Upon a Time in Mexico" in a role of Cucuy;
  • "From Dusk Till Dawn" in a role of Razor Charlie;
  • "Desperado" in a role of Navajas;
  • "Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy" in a role of Bartender;
  • "Reindeer Games" in a role of Jumpy;
  • "The Devil's Rejects" in a role of Rondo;
  • "Con Air" in a role of Johnny 'Johnny-23' Baca;
  • "The Replacement Killers" in a role of Collins;
  • "Anaconda" in a role of Poacher;
  • "Urban Justice" in a role of El Chivo;
  • "Hood of Horror" in a role of Derelict;
  • "SherryBaby" in a role of Dean Walker;
  • "The Crow: Wicked Prayer" in a role of Harold;
  • "Inferno" in a role of Johnny Six Toes;
  • "The Curse of El Charro" in a role of The Voice of El Charro;
  • "Bubble Boy" in a role of Slim;
  • "Alone in the Dark" in a role of Perry;
  • "Nice Guys" in a role of Shady;
  • "La linea" in a role of Mario;
  • "Point Blank" in a role of Wallace;
  • "Spy Kids" in a role of Machete;
  • "Spy Kids 2: Island of Lost Dreams" in a role of Machete;
  • "Seven Mummies" in a role of Apache;
  • "The Stranger" in a role of Hawk;
  • "The Boys of Ghost Town" in a role of Father;
  • "Justin Time" in a role of Mardok;
  • "Jake's Corner" in a role of Clint;

The photo image of Derek Hamilton, starring in the movie "Nightstalker"
Derek Hamilton
as a character
Detective Elliot
Derek Hamilton also starred in the next movies:
  • "Angels Fall" in a role of Lo;
  • "Out Cold" in a role of Pig Pen;

The photo image of Evan Parke, starring in the movie "Nightstalker"
Evan Parke
as a character
Lieutenant Mayberry
Evan Parke also starred in the next movies:
  • "Planet of the Apes" in a role of Gunnar;
  • "King Kong" in a role of Hayes;
  • "Second String" in a role of Mumms;
  • "All Roads Lead Home" in a role of Basham;

The photo image of Brandi Emma, starring in the movie "Nightstalker"
Brandi Emma
as a character
Adrianne DeLoia

Brandi Emma starred only in the movie "Nightstalker"
The photo image of A.J. Buckley, starring in the movie "Nightstalker"
A.J. Buckley
as a character
A.J. Buckley also starred in the next movies:
  • "The Last Sin Eater" in a role of Angor Forbes;
  • "Wishcraft" in a role of Howie;
  • "In Enemy Hands" in a role of U.S.S. Swordfish: Medical Officer;
  • "The Forsaken" in a role of Mike;

The photo image of Douglas Spain, starring in the movie "Nightstalker"
Douglas Spain
as a character
Father Rodriguez
Douglas Spain also starred in the next movies:
  • "Cherry Falls" in a role of Mark;

The photo image of Aimee Graham, starring in the movie "Nightstalker"
Aimee Graham
as a character
Mercedes Woman
Aimee Graham also starred in the next movies:
  • "Jackie Brown" in a role of Amy, Billingsley Sales Girl;

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