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Movie genres: [Action] [Adventure] [Fantasy] [Sci-Fi]
Produced in 1994
Directed by Roland Emmerich

Short description of the movie "Stargate"

A giant structure found in the desert has studied by various scientist for nearly fifty years and are no where near discovering what it is. Until Daniel jackson, a language expert deciphers and reveals that it's a Stargate. He also discovers how to make it work. They then learn that it's some kind interstellar transport device. Now a group of soldiers led by despondent Colonel Jack O'Neill go to the planet, also accompanying them is Jackson, who said that he can reactivate the Stargate to send them back but he forgot to mention that he needs to find the symbols and they can't find anything, so it appears that they are trapped. And if that isn't enough, some aliens arrive and capture them and have nefarious plans for Earth.

Starring actors in "Stargate" movie:

The photo image of Kurt Russell, starring in the movie "Stargate"
Kurt Russell
as a character
Col. Jonathan 'Jack' O'Neil
Kurt Russell also starred in the next movies:
  • "3000 Miles to Graceland" in a role of Michael Zane;
  • "Vanilla Sky" in a role of Dr. Curtis McCabe;
  • "The Thing" in a role of R.J. MacReady;
  • "Interstate 60";
  • "Soldier" in a role of Todd;
  • "Breakdown" in a role of Jeffrey 'Jeff' Taylor;
  • "Tango & Cash" in a role of Gabriel 'Gabe' Cash;
  • "Tequila Sunrise" in a role of Det. Lt. Nicholas 'Nick' Frescia;
  • "Overboard" in a role of Dean Proffitt;
  • "Poseidon" in a role of Robert Ramsey;
  • "Tombstone" in a role of Wyatt Earp;
  • "Dark Blue" in a role of Eldon Perry;
  • "Backdraft" in a role of Stephen 'Bull' McCaffrey/Dennis McCaffrey;
  • "Executive Decision" in a role of Dr. Phil. David Grant;
  • "Death Proof (from Grindhouse)" in a role of Stuntman Mike;
  • "Sky High" in a role of Steve Stronghold/The Commander;
  • "Big Trouble in Little China" in a role of Jack Burton;
  • "Unlawful Entry" in a role of Michael Carr;
  • "Escape from L.A." in a role of Snake Plissken;
  • "Miracle" in a role of Herb Brooks;
  • "Escape from New York" in a role of Snake Plissken;
  • "Captain Ron" in a role of Captain Ron;
  • "Swing Shift" in a role of Mike 'Lucky' Lockhart;

The photo image of James Spader, starring in the movie "Stargate"
James Spader
as a character
Dr. Daniel Jackson
James Spader also starred in the next movies:
  • "Secretary";
  • "The Watcher" in a role of Joel Campbell;
  • "Crash" in a role of James Ballard;
  • "Wolf" in a role of Stewart Swinton;
  • "The Stickup" in a role of John Parker;
  • "True Colors" in a role of Tim Gerrity;
  • "Mannequin" in a role of Mr. Richards;
  • "Pretty in Pink" in a role of Steff;
  • "The New Kids" in a role of Eddie Dutra;
  • "Sex, Lies, and Videotape" in a role of Graham Dalton;

The photo image of Viveca Lindfors, starring in the movie "Stargate"
Viveca Lindfors
as a character
Catherine Langford, Ph.D.
Viveca Lindfors also starred in the next movies:
  • "Adventures of Don Juan" in a role of Queen Margaret;
  • "The Sure Thing" in a role of Professor Taub;
  • "The Hand" in a role of Doctress;
  • "The Way We Were" in a role of Paula Reisner;
  • "A Bell From Hell" in a role of Marta;

The photo image of Alexis Cruz, starring in the movie "Stargate"
Alexis Cruz
as a character

Alexis Cruz starred only in the movie "Stargate"
The photo image of Mili Avital, starring in the movie "Stargate"
Mili Avital
as a character
Mili Avital also starred in the next movies:
  • "Dead Man" in a role of Thel Russell;
  • "The Human Stain" in a role of Young Iris;
  • "Arabian Nights" in a role of Scheherezade;

The photo image of Leon Rippy, starring in the movie "Stargate"
Leon Rippy
as a character
General West
Leon Rippy also starred in the next movies:
  • "The Thirteenth Floor" in a role of Jane's Lawyer;
  • "The Alamo" in a role of Sgt. William Ward;
  • "Loose Cannons" in a role of Weskit;
  • "The Life of David Gale" in a role of Braxton Belyeu;
  • "Young Guns II" in a role of Bob Ollinger;
  • "Universal Soldier" in a role of Woodward;
  • "Gridiron Gang" in a role of Paul Higa;
  • "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" in a role of Detective Boone;
  • "Beyond the Law aka Fixing The Shadow" in a role of Virgil;
  • "The Arrival" in a role of DOD #1;
  • "Moon 44" in a role of Master Sergeant Sykes;
  • "Kuffs" in a role of Kane;

The photo image of John Diehl, starring in the movie "Stargate"
John Diehl
as a character
Lieutenant Kawalsky
John Diehl also starred in the next movies:
  • "Jurassic Park III" in a role of Cooper;
  • "Down in the Valley" in a role of Steve;
  • "Stripes" in a role of Cruiser;
  • "Land of Plenty" in a role of Paul;
  • "Jesse Stone: Death in Paradise" in a role of Jerry Snyder;
  • "Drifter: Henry Lee Lucas" in a role of Sheriff Larabie;
  • "Three Wishes" in a role of Leland's Dad;
  • "Most Wanted" in a role of Police Captain;
  • "Kickboxer 2: The Road Back" in a role of Jack;

The photo image of Carlos Lauchu, starring in the movie "Stargate"
Carlos Lauchu
as a character

Carlos Lauchu starred only in the movie "Stargate"
The photo image of Djimon Hounsou, starring in the movie "Stargate"
Djimon Hounsou
as a character
Djimon Hounsou also starred in the next movies:
  • "Biker Boyz" in a role of Motherland;
  • "Gladiator" in a role of Juba;
  • "Constantine" in a role of Midnite;
  • "Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life" in a role of Kosa;
  • "Amistad" in a role of Cinque;
  • "Blood Diamond" in a role of Solomon Vandy;
  • "Eragon" in a role of Ajihad;
  • "Deep Rising" in a role of Vivo;
  • "Never Back Down" in a role of Jean Roqua;
  • "The Island" in a role of Albert Laurent;
  • "Blueberry" in a role of Woodhead;
  • "The Four Feathers" in a role of Abou Fatma;

The photo image of Erick Avari, starring in the movie "Stargate"
Erick Avari
as a character
'Good Father' Kasuf
Erick Avari also starred in the next movies:
  • "The 13th Warrior" in a role of Hosein, Caravan Leader;
  • "Planet of the Apes" in a role of Tival;
  • "Mr. Deeds" in a role of Cecil Anderson;
  • "Home Alone 4";
  • "The Mummy" in a role of Dr. Terrence Bey;
  • "Daredevil" in a role of Nikolas Natchios;
  • "Charlie Wilson's War" in a role of Avi Perlman;
  • "Flight of the Living Dead: Outbreak on a Plane" in a role of Dr. Bennett;
  • "Postal" in a role of Habib;
  • "Paul Blart: Mall Cop" in a role of Vijay;
  • "The Librarian: Return to King Solomon's Mines" in a role of General Samir;
  • "InAlienable" in a role of Howard Ellis;
  • "Hachiko: A Dog's Story" in a role of Shabir;
  • "Dark Matter" in a role of R.K. Gazda;

The photo image of French Stewart, starring in the movie "Stargate"
French Stewart
as a character
Lieutenant Ferretti
French Stewart also starred in the next movies:
  • "Home Alone 4";
  • "Surveillance" in a role of Jim Conrad;
  • "Dog Gone" in a role of Blackie;
  • "Clockstoppers" in a role of Dr. Earl Dopler;
  • "Bartok the Magnificent" in a role of Osle;
  • "Give 'em Hell, Malone" in a role of Frankie the Crooner;
  • "Opposite Day" in a role of Godfrey;

The photo image of Gianin Loffler, starring in the movie "Stargate"
Gianin Loffler
as a character

Gianin Loffler starred only in the movie "Stargate"
The photo image of Jaye Davidson, starring in the movie "Stargate"
Jaye Davidson
as a character

Jaye Davidson starred only in the movie "Stargate"
The photo image of Christopher John Fields, starring in the movie "Stargate"
Christopher John Fields
as a character
Christopher John Fields also starred in the next movies:
  • "Alien³" in a role of Rains;
  • "Jurassic Park" in a role of Volunteer #1;

The photo image of Derek Webster, starring in the movie "Stargate"
Derek Webster
as a character
Derek Webster also starred in the next movies:
  • "Flight of the Living Dead: Outbreak on a Plane" in a role of Long Shot;

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