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Movie genres: [Biography] [Drama]
Produced in 2009
Directed by Jon Amiel

Short description of the movie "Creation"

What happens when a world-renowned scientist, crushed by the loss of his eldest daughter, formulates a theory in conflict with religious dogma? This is the story of Charles Darwin and his master-work "The Origin of Species". It tells of a global revolution played out the confines of a small English village; a passionate marriage torn apart by the most dangerous idea in history; and a theory saved from extinction by the logic of a child.

Starring actors in "Creation" movie:

The photo image of Paul Bettany, starring in the movie "Creation"
Paul Bettany
as a character
Charles Darwin
Paul Bettany also starred in the next movies:
  • "Dogville" in a role of Tom Edison;
  • "A Beautiful Mind" in a role of Charles;
  • "A Knight's Tale" in a role of Geoffrey Chaucer;
  • "Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World" in a role of Dr. Stephen Maturin, Surgeon;
  • "Firewall" in a role of Bill Cox;
  • "The Da Vinci Code" in a role of Silas;
  • "Wimbledon" in a role of Peter Colt;
  • "Gangster No. 1" in a role of Young Gangster;
  • "The Secret Life of Bees" in a role of T. Ray Owens;
  • "Inkheart" in a role of Dustfinger;
  • "The Young Victoria" in a role of Lord Melbourne;
  • "Legion" in a role of Michael;

The photo image of Jim Carter, starring in the movie "Creation"
Jim Carter
as a character
Jim Carter also starred in the next movies:
  • "The Thief Lord" in a role of Victor;
  • "Top Secret!" in a role of Déjà Vu, Resistance Member;
  • "House of 9" in a role of The Watcher;
  • "Legionnaire" in a role of Lucien Galgani;
  • "The Golden Compass" in a role of John Faa;
  • "Cassandra's Dream" in a role of Garage Boss;
  • "The Oxford Murders" in a role of Inspector Petersen;
  • "Ella Enchanted" in a role of Nish the Ogre;
  • "Arabian Nights" in a role of Ja'Far;
  • "Jack and the Beanstalk: The Real Story" in a role of Odin, Member of Great Council of Mac Slec;
  • "102 Dalmatians" in a role of Detective Armstrong;
  • "The Little Vampire" in a role of Rookery;

The photo image of Benedict Cumberbatch, starring in the movie "Creation"
Benedict Cumberbatch
as a character
Joseph Hooker
Benedict Cumberbatch also starred in the next movies:
  • "Amazing Grace" in a role of William Pitt;
  • "Atonement" in a role of Paul Marshall;
  • "The Other Boleyn Girl" in a role of William Carey;

The photo image of Zak Davies, starring in the movie "Creation"
Zak Davies
as a character
Jemmy Buttons

Zak Davies starred only in the movie "Creation"
The photo image of Christopher Dunkin, starring in the movie "Creation"
Christopher Dunkin
as a character
George Darwin

Christopher Dunkin starred only in the movie "Creation"
The photo image of Toby Jones, starring in the movie "Creation"
Toby Jones
as a character
Thomas Huxley
Toby Jones also starred in the next movies:
  • "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets" in a role of Dobby the House Elf;
  • "The Painted Veil" in a role of Waddington;
  • "Infamous" in a role of Truman Capote;
  • "Amazing Grace" in a role of Duke of Clarence;
  • "The Mist" in a role of Ollie;
  • "Nightwatching" in a role of Gerard Dou;
  • "St. Trinian's" in a role of Bursar;
  • "City of Ember" in a role of Barton Snode;
  • "The Old Curiosity Shop" in a role of Daniel Quilp;

The photo image of Jeremy Northam, starring in the movie "Creation"
Jeremy Northam
as a character
Reverend Innes
Jeremy Northam also starred in the next movies:
  • "Gosford Park" in a role of Ivor Novello;
  • "Ideal Husband, An" in a role of Sir Robert Chiltern;
  • "The Invasion" in a role of Tucker Kaufman;
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  • "Martin and Lewis" in a role of Dean Martin;
  • "Wuthering Heights" in a role of Hindley Earnshaw;
  • "Dean Spanley" in a role of Narrator - Fisk Junior;
  • "The Net" in a role of Jack Devlin;
  • "Glorious 39" in a role of Balcombe;

The photo image of Harrison Sansostri, starring in the movie "Creation"
Harrison Sansostri
as a character
Lenny Darwin

Harrison Sansostri starred only in the movie "Creation"
The photo image of Teresa Churcher, starring in the movie "Creation"
Teresa Churcher
as a character
Mrs. Davies

Teresa Churcher starred only in the movie "Creation"
The photo image of Jennifer Connelly, starring in the movie "Creation"
Jennifer Connelly
as a character
Emma Darwin
Jennifer Connelly also starred in the next movies:
  • "Dark City" in a role of Emma Murdoch/Anna;
  • "A Beautiful Mind" in a role of Alicia Nash;
  • "Requiem for a Dream" in a role of Marion Silver;
  • "Hulk" in a role of Betty Ross;
  • "House of Sand and Fog" in a role of Kathy;
  • "Dark Water" in a role of Dahlia;
  • "Blood Diamond" in a role of Maddy Bowen;
  • "Little Children" in a role of Kathy Adamson;
  • "Reservation Road" in a role of Grace Learner;
  • "Waking the Dead" in a role of Sarah Williams;
  • "Labyrinth" in a role of Sarah;
  • "He's Just Not That Into You" in a role of Janine;
  • "Phenomena" in a role of Jennifer Corvino;
  • "The Rocketeer" in a role of Jenny Blake;
  • "Higher Learning" in a role of Taryn;
  • "9" in a role of 7;

The photo image of Pauline Stone, starring in the movie "Creation"
Pauline Stone
as a character
Mrs. Darwin's Maid

Pauline Stone starred only in the movie "Creation"
The photo image of Martha West, starring in the movie "Creation"
Martha West
as a character
Annie Darwin

Martha West starred only in the movie "Creation"

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