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Movie genre: [Comedy]
Produced in 2009
Directed by Brant Sersen

Short description of the movie "Splinterheads"

In this independent comedy, Justin (Thomas Middleditch) is a twentysomething slacker who has a hard time getting out of bed before noon and works part-time mowing lawns with his buddy Wayne (Jason Rogel), who is only slightly more ambitious. Justin hears a lot from his family about making something of himself, but he doesn't pay much attention until he and Wayne check out a traveling carnival one evening. Justin meets Galaxy (Rachael Taylor), a beautiful and spunky girl who works at a dunk-tank concession, and he is so taken with her he doesn't mind when she takes his money in a fixed game. Justin unexpectedly crosses paths with Galaxy the next day, and before long he's spending most of his time with her and her fellow carnies. Has Justin finally found his destiny with Galaxy, or is he just another stop on the road for her? Also starring Lea Thompson, Christopher McDonald, and Frankie Faison, Splinterheads received its world premiere in 2009 at the South by Southwest Film Festival, where director Brant Sersen's first feature, Blackballed: The Bobby Dukes Story, won the Audience Award in 2004.

Starring actors in "Splinterheads" movie:

The photo image of Thomas Middleditch, starring in the movie "Splinterheads"
Thomas Middleditch
as a character
Justin Frost

Thomas Middleditch starred only in the movie "Splinterheads"
The photo image of Rachael Taylor, starring in the movie "Splinterheads"
Rachael Taylor
as a character
Rachael Taylor also starred in the next movies:
  • "Man-Thing" in a role of Teri Elizabeth Richards;
  • "See No Evil" in a role of Zoe Warner;
  • "Transformers" in a role of Maggie;
  • "Bottle Shock" in a role of Sam;
  • "Ghost Machine" in a role of Jess;

The photo image of Christopher McDonald, starring in the movie "Splinterheads"
Christopher McDonald
as a character
Sargeant Bruce Mancuso
Christopher McDonald also starred in the next movies:
  • "Requiem for a Dream" in a role of Tappy Tibbons;
  • "Thelma & Louise" in a role of Darryl Dickinson;
  • "The Faculty" in a role of Mr. Frank Connor;
  • "Outrageous Fortune" in a role of George;
  • "The Iron Giant" in a role of Kent Mansley;
  • "Fair Game" in a role of Lieutenant Meyerson;
  • "Grind" in a role of Mr. Rivers;
  • "The Perfect Storm" in a role of Todd Gross, TV Meteorologist;
  • "Rumor Has It..." in a role of Roger McManus;
  • "Grumpy Old Men" in a role of Mike;
  • "Funny Money" in a role of Vic;
  • "Kickin It Old Skool" in a role of Marty Schumacher;
  • "American Pie Presents: Beta House" in a role of Mr. Stifler;
  • "Awake" in a role of Dr. Larry Lupin;
  • "Player 5150" in a role of Tony;
  • "Superhero Movie" in a role of Lou Landers/Hourglass;
  • "Best of the Best 3: No Turning Back" in a role of Jack Banning;
  • "Chances Are" in a role of Louie Jeffries;
  • "Flubber" in a role of Wilson Croft;
  • "The Hearse" in a role of Pete;
  • "Happy Gilmore" in a role of Shooter;
  • "Spy Kids 2: Island of Lost Dreams" in a role of President of the USA;
  • "Grease 2" in a role of Goose McKenzie;
  • "Dutch" in a role of Reed Standish;
  • "Unforgettable" in a role of Stewart Gleick;

The photo image of Lea Thompson, starring in the movie "Splinterheads"
Lea Thompson
as a character
Susan Frost
Lea Thompson also starred in the next movies:
  • "Back to the Future" in a role of Lorraine Baines McFly;
  • "Back to the Future Part II" in a role of Lorraine Baines/McFly/Tannen;
  • "Back to the Future Part III" in a role of Maggie McFly/Lorraine McFly;
  • "Senior Skip Day" in a role of Cathleen;
  • "The Beverly Hillbillies" in a role of Laura Jackson;
  • "Spy School aka Doubting Thomas" in a role of Claire Miller;
  • "Exit Speed" in a role of Maudie McMinn;
  • "Some Kind of Wonderful" in a role of Amanda Jones;
  • "Howard the Duck" in a role of Beverly Switzler;
  • "Red Dawn" in a role of Erica;

The photo image of Dean Winters, starring in the movie "Splinterheads"
Dean Winters
as a character
Dean Winters also starred in the next movies:
  • "Winter of Frozen Dreams" in a role of Ray Curtis;
  • "Hellraiser: Hellseeker" in a role of Trevor;

The photo image of Frankie Faison, starring in the movie "Splinterheads"
Frankie Faison
as a character
Frankie Faison also starred in the next movies:
  • "Red Dragon" in a role of Barney Matthews;
  • "The Silence of the Lambs" in a role of Barney Matthews;
  • "Hannibal" in a role of Barney Matthews;
  • "The Thomas Crown Affair" in a role of Detective Paretti;
  • "White Chicks" in a role of Section Chief Elliott Gordon;
  • "The Cookout" in a role of Jojo Andersen;
  • "Oxygen" in a role of FBI Agent Phil Kline;
  • "Highwaymen" in a role of Will Macklin;
  • "Gods and Generals" in a role of Jim Lewis;
  • "In Good Company" in a role of Corwin;
  • "Cat People" in a role of Det. Brandt;
  • "Maximum Overdrive" in a role of Handy;
  • "Meet the Browns" in a role of L.B. Brown;
  • "For Sale by Owner" in a role of Gene Woodman;
  • "Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant" in a role of Rhamus Twobellies;
  • "Adam" in a role of Harlan;
  • "Money for Nothing" in a role of Madigan;
  • "Breaking Point" in a role of Judge Green;
  • "Mississippi Burning" in a role of Eulogist;

The photo image of Edmund Lyndeck, starring in the movie "Splinterheads"
Edmund Lyndeck
as a character
Edmund Lyndeck also starred in the next movies:
  • "Road Trip" in a role of Jack Manilow, Barry's Grandpa;
  • "The Good Heart" in a role of Barber;

The photo image of Pamela Shaw, starring in the movie "Splinterheads"
Pamela Shaw
as a character

Pamela Shaw starred only in the movie "Splinterheads"
The photo image of Jason Rogel, starring in the movie "Splinterheads"
Jason Rogel
as a character

Jason Rogel starred only in the movie "Splinterheads"
The photo image of Brendan Burke, starring in the movie "Splinterheads"
Brendan Burke
as a character

Brendan Burke starred only in the movie "Splinterheads"
The photo image of Jason Mantzoukas, starring in the movie "Splinterheads"
Jason Mantzoukas
as a character
The Amazing Steve
Jason Mantzoukas also starred in the next movies:
  • "I Hate Valentine's Day" in a role of Brian Blowdell;

The photo image of Lennon Parham, starring in the movie "Splinterheads"
Lennon Parham
as a character

Lennon Parham starred only in the movie "Splinterheads"
The photo image of Shiro Aoki, starring in the movie "Splinterheads"
Shiro Aoki
as a character
Metal Dude

Shiro Aoki starred only in the movie "Splinterheads"
The photo image of Michael Biscardi, starring in the movie "Splinterheads"
Michael Biscardi
as a character
Skinny cameraman
Michael Biscardi also starred in the next movies:
  • "The Happening" in a role of Jogger in the park;

The photo image of Gary Buccola, starring in the movie "Splinterheads"
Gary Buccola
as a character
Slim Jim

Gary Buccola starred only in the movie "Splinterheads"

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