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Movie genres: [Drama] [Fantasy] [Sci-Fi]
Produced in 2009
Directed by Peter Stebbings

Short description of the movie "Defendor"

A crooked cop, a mob boss and the young girl they abuse are the denizens of a city's criminal underworld. It's a world that ordinary Arthur Poppington doesn't understand and doesn't belong in, but is committed to fighting when he changes into a vigilante super-hero of his own making, Defendor. With no power other than courage Defendor takes to the streets to protect the city's innocents.

Starring actors in "Defendor" movie:

The photo image of Woody Harrelson, starring in the movie "Defendor"
Woody Harrelson
as a character
Woody Harrelson also starred in the next movies:
  • "The Thin Red Line" in a role of Sergeant Keck;
  • "Anger Management" in a role of Galaxia/Security Guard;
  • "Natural Born Killers" in a role of Mickey Knox;
  • "After the Sunset" in a role of Stan Lloyd;
  • "A Prairie Home Companion" in a role of Dusty;
  • "North Country" in a role of Bill White;
  • "She Hate Me" in a role of Leland Powell;
  • "Money Train" in a role of Charlie;
  • "Kingpin" in a role of Roy Munson;
  • "Wag the Dog" in a role of Sergeant William Schumann;
  • "A Scanner Darkly" in a role of Ernie Luckman;
  • "Edtv" in a role of Ray Pekurny;
  • "The Walker" in a role of Carter Page III;
  • "No Country for Old Men" in a role of Carson Wells;
  • "Semi-Pro" in a role of Monix;
  • "Sleepwalking" in a role of Randall;
  • "Transsiberian" in a role of Roy;
  • "Doc Hollywood" in a role of Hank Gordon;
  • "White Men Can't Jump" in a role of Billy Hoyle;
  • "Indecent Proposal" in a role of David Murphy;
  • "Battle in Seattle" in a role of Dale;
  • "Management" in a role of Jango;
  • "Zombieland" in a role of Tallahassee;
  • "2012" in a role of Charlie Frost;
  • "The Messenger" in a role of Captain Tony Stone;

The photo image of Lyriq Bent, starring in the movie "Defendor"
Lyriq Bent
as a character
Lyriq Bent also starred in the next movies:
  • "Saw II" in a role of Rigg;
  • "Saw III" in a role of Rigg;
  • "Skinwalkers" in a role of Doak;
  • "Saw IV" in a role of Rigg;
  • "Jane Doe" in a role of Rawlins;

The photo image of Graham Abbey, starring in the movie "Defendor"
Graham Abbey
as a character
Constable Mike

Graham Abbey starred only in the movie "Defendor"
The photo image of Michael Cram, starring in the movie "Defendor"
Michael Cram
as a character
Michael Cram also starred in the next movies:
  • "Tommy Boy" in a role of Frat Boy;
  • "Repo Men" in a role of Father;

The photo image of Max Dreesen, starring in the movie "Defendor"
Max Dreesen
as a character
Kid Arthur

Max Dreesen starred only in the movie "Defendor"
The photo image of Dakota Goyo, starring in the movie "Defendor"
Dakota Goyo
as a character
Jack Carter
Dakota Goyo also starred in the next movies:
  • "Resurrecting the Champ" in a role of Teddy Kernan;

The photo image of Michael Kelly, starring in the movie "Defendor"
Michael Kelly
as a character
Paul Carter
Michael Kelly also starred in the next movies:
  • "Invincible" in a role of Pete;
  • "Unbreakable" in a role of Doctor Dubin;
  • "Dawn of the Dead" in a role of CJ;
  • "Carlito's Way: Rise to Power" in a role of Rocco;
  • "Tooth & Nail" in a role of Viper;
  • "Tenderness" in a role of Gary;
  • "The Six Wives of Henry Lefay" in a role of Guitar Player;
  • "Did You Hear About the Morgans?" in a role of Vincent;

The photo image of Elias Koteas, starring in the movie "Defendor"
Elias Koteas
as a character
Chuck Dooney
Elias Koteas also starred in the next movies:
  • "The Thin Red Line" in a role of Captain James 'Bugger' Staros;
  • "Gattaca" in a role of Antonio Freeman;
  • "Crash" in a role of Vaughan;
  • "Collateral Damage" in a role of Peter Brandt;
  • "Fallen" in a role of Edgar Reese;
  • "The Prophecy" in a role of Thomas Daggett;
  • "Desperate Hours" in a role of Wally Bosworth;
  • "Shooter" in a role of Jack Payne;
  • "Skinwalkers" in a role of Jonas;
  • "The Girl in the Park" in a role of Raymond;
  • "One Magic Christmas" in a role of Eddie;
  • "Some Kind of Wonderful" in a role of Skinhead;
  • "Two Lovers" in a role of Ronald Blatt;
  • "Dark Streets" in a role of Lieutenant;
  • "The Greatest Game Ever Played" in a role of Arthur Ouimet;
  • "The Haunting in Connecticut" in a role of Reverend Popescu;
  • "Almost an Angel" in a role of Steve Garner;
  • "I Come with the Rain" in a role of Hasford;
  • "The Fourth Kind";
  • "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" in a role of Casey Jones;
  • "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III" in a role of Whit;

The photo image of Tony Nappo, starring in the movie "Defendor"
Tony Nappo
as a character
Biker Cliff
Tony Nappo also starred in the next movies:
  • "Land of the Dead" in a role of Foxy;
  • "Saw II" in a role of Gus;
  • "Four Brothers" in a role of Charlie;
  • "Revelation" in a role of Willie Spino;
  • "Martin and Lewis" in a role of Jimmy Napoli;
  • "Wisegal" in a role of Carmine;
  • "Hank and Mike" in a role of Stu;
  • "Unrivaled" in a role of Ref Dangelo;

The photo image of James Preston Rogers, starring in the movie "Defendor"
James Preston Rogers
as a character
James Preston Rogers also starred in the next movies:
  • "Death Warrior" in a role of Mercenary;
  • "Unrivaled" in a role of Sandor 'Fingers' Duarte;

The photo image of John Paul Ruttan, starring in the movie "Defendor"
John Paul Ruttan
as a character
Young Jack

John Paul Ruttan starred only in the movie "Defendor"
The photo image of Cynthia Amsden, starring in the movie "Defendor"
Cynthia Amsden
as a character
Woman with Pointsetta
Cynthia Amsden also starred in the next movies:
  • "Cairo Time" in a role of Woman at the Embassy Party;

The photo image of Kristin Booth, starring in the movie "Defendor"
Kristin Booth
as a character
Wendy Carter
Kristin Booth also starred in the next movies:
  • "On the Line" in a role of Sam;

The photo image of Kat Dennings, starring in the movie "Defendor"
Kat Dennings
as a character
Kat Dennings also starred in the next movies:
  • "Raise Your Voice" in a role of Sloane;
  • "Down in the Valley" in a role of April;
  • "The 40 Year Old Virgin" in a role of Marla;
  • "The House Bunny" in a role of Mona;
  • "Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist" in a role of Norah;
  • "Shorts" in a role of Stacey Thompson;

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