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Movie genre: [Thriller]
Produced in 2010
Directed by Michael Lander

Short description of the movie "Peacock"

John Skillpa, a quiet bank clerk living in tiny Peacock, Nebraska, prefers to live an invisible life. This might have to do with John's secret: he has another personality no one knows about, a woman who each morning does his chores and cooks him breakfast before he starts his day. Then, in a moment, everything changes...

Starring actors in "Peacock" movie:

The photo image of Graham Beckel, starring in the movie "Peacock"
Graham Beckel
as a character
Connor Black
Graham Beckel also starred in the next movies:
  • "Northfork" in a role of Marvin;
  • "Blue Streak" in a role of Rizzo;
  • "L.A. Confidential" in a role of Det. Sgt. Richard Alex 'Dick' Stensland;
  • "Brokeback Mountain" in a role of L.D. Newsome;
  • "Bachelor Party Vegas" in a role of Officer Stone;
  • "Leaving Las Vegas" in a role of L.A. Bartender;
  • "Helter Skelter" in a role of Jerry;
  • "Point of Origin" in a role of Clarence Hyde;
  • "Battlestar Galactica: Razor" in a role of Colonel Jack Fisk;
  • "Black Dog" in a role of Cutler;
  • "The Paper Chase" in a role of Franklin Ford III;
  • "True Believer" in a role of Vinny Sklaroff;

The photo image of Chris Carlson, starring in the movie "Peacock"
Chris Carlson
as a character

Chris Carlson starred only in the movie "Peacock"
The photo image of Keith Carradine, starring in the movie "Peacock"
Keith Carradine
as a character
Mayor Ray Crill
Keith Carradine also starred in the next movies:
  • "A Thousand Acres" in a role of Ty Smith;
  • "Balto III: Wings of Change" in a role of Duke;
  • "The Death and Life of Bobby Z" in a role of Johnson;
  • "The Long Riders" in a role of Jim Younger;
  • "All Hat" in a role of Pete Culpepper;
  • "Lake City" in a role of Roy;
  • "Winter of Frozen Dreams" in a role of Detective Lulling;

The photo image of Paul Cram, starring in the movie "Peacock"
Paul Cram
as a character
Paul Cram also starred in the next movies:
  • "13 Hours in a Warehouse" in a role of Craig Teller;
  • "Contract Killers" in a role of Chuck Dittmer;

The photo image of Josh Lucas, starring in the movie "Peacock"
Josh Lucas
as a character
Officer Tom McGonigle
Josh Lucas also starred in the next movies:
  • "A Beautiful Mind" in a role of Hansen;
  • "Hulk" in a role of Talbot;
  • "Around the Bend" in a role of Jason Lair;
  • "Wonderland" in a role of Ron Launius;
  • "Unfinished Life, An" in a role of Sheriff Crane Curtis;
  • "The Weight of Water" in a role of Rich Janes;
  • "Glory Road" in a role of Don Haskins;
  • "Poseidon" in a role of John Dylan;
  • "Sweet Home Alabama" in a role of Jake Perry;
  • "Secondhand Lions" in a role of Adult Walter;
  • "American Psycho" in a role of Craig McDermott;
  • "Session 9" in a role of Hank;
  • "Tell-Tale" in a role of Terry;
  • "Father Hood" in a role of Andy;
  • "Death in Love" in a role of Eldest Son;

The photo image of Cillian Murphy, starring in the movie "Peacock"
Cillian Murphy
as a character
John Skillpa
Cillian Murphy also starred in the next movies:
  • "28 Days Later..." in a role of Jim;
  • "Batman Begins" in a role of Dr. Jonathan Crane;
  • "Sunshine" in a role of Capa;
  • "Breakfast on Pluto" in a role of Patrick 'Kitten' Braden;
  • "The Dark Knight" in a role of Dr. Jonathan Crane/The Scarecrow;
  • "Red Eye" in a role of Jackson Rippner;
  • "Waveriders" in a role of Narrator;

The photo image of Zoe Pappas, starring in the movie "Peacock"
Zoe Pappas

Zoe Pappas starred only in the movie "Peacock"
The photo image of Bradley Steven Perry, starring in the movie "Peacock"
Bradley Steven Perry
as a character
Young John

Bradley Steven Perry starred only in the movie "Peacock"
The photo image of Bill Pullman, starring in the movie "Peacock"
Bill Pullman
as a character
Edmund French
Bill Pullman also starred in the next movies:
  • "Sleepless in Seattle" in a role of Walter;
  • "Independence Day" in a role of President Thomas J. Whitmore;
  • "While You Were Sleeping" in a role of Jack Callaghan;
  • "Spaceballs" in a role of Lone Starr;
  • "Ruthless People" in a role of Earl Mott;
  • "Titan A.E." in a role of Capt. Joseph Korso;
  • "Igby Goes Down" in a role of Jason Slocumb;
  • "Alien Autopsy" in a role of Morgan Banner;
  • "Scary Movie 4" in a role of Henry Hale;
  • "You Kill Me" in a role of Dave;
  • "Zero Effect" in a role of Daryl Zero;
  • "The Grudge" in a role of Peter Kirk;
  • "The Last Seduction" in a role of Clay Gregory;
  • "Surveillance" in a role of Sam Hallaway;
  • "A League of Their Own" in a role of Bob Hinson;
  • "Lake Placid" in a role of Jack Wells;
  • "Lucky Numbers" in a role of Det. Pat Lakewood;
  • "Bottle Shock" in a role of Jim Barrett;
  • "Phoebe in Wonderland" in a role of Peter Lichten;
  • "Wyatt Earp: Return to Tombstone" in a role of Ed Masterson;
  • "Nobel Son" in a role of Det. Max Mariner;

The photo image of Todd Thompson, starring in the movie "Peacock"
Todd Thompson
as a character

Todd Thompson starred only in the movie "Peacock"
The photo image of Virginia Newcomb, starring in the movie "Peacock"
Virginia Newcomb
as a character

Virginia Newcomb starred only in the movie "Peacock"
The photo image of Ellen Page, starring in the movie "Peacock"
Ellen Page
as a character
Ellen Page also starred in the next movies:
  • "X-Men: The Last Stand" in a role of Kathryn "Kitty" Pryde/Shadowcat;
  • "Hard Candy" in a role of Hayley Stark;
  • "Juno" in a role of Juno MacGuff;
  • "American Crime, An" in a role of Sylvia Likens;
  • "The Tracey Fragments" in a role of Tracey Berkowitz;
  • "Whip It" in a role of Bliss Cavendar;

The photo image of Jaimi Paige, starring in the movie "Peacock"
Jaimi Paige
as a character

Jaimi Paige starred only in the movie "Peacock"
The photo image of Susan Sarandon, starring in the movie "Peacock"
Susan Sarandon
as a character
Fanny Crill
Susan Sarandon also starred in the next movies:
  • "The Witches of Eastwick" in a role of Jane Spofford;
  • "Thelma & Louise" in a role of Louise Elizabeth Sawyer;
  • "Elizabethtown" in a role of Hollie Baylor;
  • "The Banger Sisters" in a role of Lavinia Kingsley;
  • "Noel" in a role of Rose Harrison;
  • "Moonlight Mile" in a role of Jojo Floss;
  • "Igby Goes Down" in a role of Mimi Slocumb;
  • "Enchanted" in a role of Queen Narissa;
  • "Mr. Woodcock" in a role of Beverly Farley;
  • "Speed Racer" in a role of Mom Racer;
  • "In the Valley of Elah" in a role of Joan Deerfield;
  • "Irresistible" in a role of Sophie;
  • "Stepmom" in a role of Jackie Harrison;
  • "The Client" in a role of Regina "Reggie" Love;
  • "Middle of Nowhere" in a role of Rhonda Berry;
  • "The Hunger" in a role of Sarah Roberts;
  • "The Greatest" in a role of Grace Brewer;

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