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Movie genre: [Horror]
Produced in 2009
Directed by Jay Woelfel

Short description of the movie "Live Evil"

A hunter dressed in black. This cowboy-hat-wearing samurai-sword-wielding Priest is on a quest for blood. Vampire blood. He's out for revenge on a "clique" of four vampires who are traveling across country in search of "pure blood." The human blood stream has become polluted by drugs, alcohol, Aids, Diabetes, anti-depressants, cigarettes, anything that changes the blood even a small amount makes it undrinkable for Vampires, who, like hi-performance automobiles need "hi test" fuel= Blood in order to survive. This has started a sort of underground civil war between various groups of vampires and vampires themselves have mutated due to the pollution of their life blood. Live Evil is what is written on playing cards left behind on the bodies of dead vampires that this mysterious Priest/Hunter leaves in his wake as he gets closer and closer to our main group of vampires. He's out for revenge and the real reason for this is not revealed until the very end. He's as cold blooded or more than the vampire he seeks, because he has to be. The Leader of the group of Vampires is Benedict, the "oldest' of the group he's seen the rise and fall of the vampires and is out to protect his small family of vampires. He's also in love with one of the two females in his group, Sydney. Sydney is a sexy but equally ravenous vampire who is becoming more and more out of control. Yael is the youngest of the group and the most enthusiastic and inexperienced, of these vampires; her recklessness could threaten their group's existence. Also part of the group is the acerbic Baxter, an Irish former silent movie star, who became a vampire in order to stay young forever only to have his career ruined when sound films came in. His bitterness and Yael's young enthusiasm create more tension for Benedict to try to control. This clique is constantly trying to find pure bloods for food and also on the run from The Priest who gets closer and closer to them with every mile as they travel to Los Angeles to find a Blood Dealer, Max, a man who "pushes" blood stolen from hospitals to vampire clients. In a wild opening sequence car chase the Priest's car flips over and his right leg is injured so severely that he must hijack a ride from Roxy. A tough woman who doesn't know if the Priest is just insane or if there really are vampires. As the two grudging companions get to know each other The Priest learns that Roxy is a "pure blood" and realizes that he must do more than just seek revenge, he must not care for another human being for the first time in his life. Neither Vampires, nor Vampire Hunter Priest take prisoners in this increasingly frenzied cat and mouse game. It's a bloody trail of bodies, both human and vampires, that climaxes in an abandoned church in the barren desert.

Starring actors in "Live Evil" movie:

The photo image of Tim Thomerson, starring in the movie "Live Evil"
Tim Thomerson
as a character
The Priest
Tim Thomerson also starred in the next movies:
  • "Who's Harry Crumb?" in a role of Vince Barnes;
  • "Gangland" in a role of Dr. Adams;
  • "Swarmed" in a role of Phineas Washburn;
  • "Uncommon Valor" in a role of Charts;
  • "Evil Bong" in a role of Jack Deth;
  • "Near Dark" in a role of Loy Colton;
  • "Honkytonk Man" in a role of Highway Patrolman;
  • "Wicked Lake" in a role of Jake;
  • "Air America" in a role of Babo;
  • "War Wolves" in a role of Frank Bergman;
  • "Heatseeker" in a role of Oldest Elder;
  • "Brain Smasher... A Love Story" in a role of Black;

The photo image of Mark Hengst, starring in the movie "Live Evil"
Mark Hengst
as a character
Mark Hengst also starred in the next movies:
  • "The Cook" in a role of The Cook;
  • "The Terminators" in a role of Tanner;
  • "Countdown: Jerusalem" in a role of Mark Thompson;
  • "Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus" in a role of Dick Ritchie;

The photo image of Åsa Wallander, starring in the movie "Live Evil"
Åsa Wallander
as a character

Åsa Wallander starred only in the movie "Live Evil"
The photo image of Ken Foree, starring in the movie "Live Evil"
Ken Foree
as a character
Ken Foree also starred in the next movies:
  • "The Devil's Rejects" in a role of Charlie Altamont;
  • "From Beyond" in a role of Buford 'Bubba' Brownlee;
  • "Brotherhood of Blood" in a role of Stanis;
  • "The Haunted World of El Superbeasto" in a role of Luke St. Luke;
  • "D.C. Sniper" in a role of John;

The photo image of Lee Perkins, starring in the movie "Live Evil"
Lee Perkins
as a character
Officer Hicks
Lee Perkins also starred in the next movies:
  • "Edges of Darkness" in a role of Paul;

The photo image of Hawk Younkins, starring in the movie "Live Evil"
Hawk Younkins
as a character
Officer Fowler
Hawk Younkins also starred in the next movies:
  • "Thunder Over Reno" in a role of Butch Bandi;

The photo image of David Ament, starring in the movie "Live Evil"
David Ament
as a character
Trucker #2

David Ament starred only in the movie "Live Evil"
The photo image of Kevin Bangos, starring in the movie "Live Evil"
Kevin Bangos
as a character
The Clerk
Kevin Bangos also starred in the next movies:
  • "Slices" in a role of The Assistant;

The photo image of Fidencio Barrios, starring in the movie "Live Evil"
Fidencio Barrios
as a character
Child Vampire

Fidencio Barrios starred only in the movie "Live Evil"
The photo image of Jeff Burr, starring in the movie "Live Evil"
Jeff Burr
as a character
Bathroom Trucker
Jeff Burr also starred in the next movies:
  • "Halloween: 25 Years of Terror" in a role of Himself;

The photo image of Sean Cain, starring in the movie "Live Evil"
Sean Cain
as a character

Sean Cain starred only in the movie "Live Evil"
The photo image of Richard G. Calderon, starring in the movie "Live Evil"
Richard G. Calderon
as a character

Richard G. Calderon starred only in the movie "Live Evil"
The photo image of Al Cortez, starring in the movie "Live Evil"
Al Cortez
as a character
Cook #1

Al Cortez starred only in the movie "Live Evil"
The photo image of Dan Glenn, starring in the movie "Live Evil"
Dan Glenn
as a character
Chad the Mirror Guy
Dan Glenn also starred in the next movies:
  • "Hobgoblins 2" in a role of Dillon;

The photo image of Clint James, starring in the movie "Live Evil"
Clint James
as a character
Desert Vampire Leader
Clint James also starred in the next movies:
  • "Redemption: A Mile from Hell" in a role of Till;

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