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Movie genres: [Crime] [Thriller]
Produced in 1999
Directed by Richard Shepard

Short description of the movie "Oxygen"

A masochistic cop (Maura Tierney), who hides her predilection from her cop husband (Terry Kinney), gets involved in pursuing a kidnapper nicknamed Harry for Harry Houdini (Adrien Brody), who has kidnapped a rich woman (Laila Robins) and has buried her somewhere in Manhattan while demanding a ransom from her tycoon husband (James Naughton). Failure to pay the ransom within 24 hours will lead the kidnapper to abandoning the woman. Dylan Baker also appears as the fed that is assigned to the case.

Starring actors in "Oxygen" movie:

The photo image of Maura Tierney, starring in the movie "Oxygen"
Maura Tierney
as a character
Det. Madeline Foster
Maura Tierney also starred in the next movies:
  • "Liar Liar" in a role of Audrey Reede;
  • "Primal Fear" in a role of Naomi Chance;
  • "Semi-Pro" in a role of Lynn;
  • "Baby Mama" in a role of Caroline;
  • "White Sands" in a role of Noreen;

The photo image of Adrien Brody, starring in the movie "Oxygen"
Adrien Brody
as a character
Adrien Brody also starred in the next movies:
  • "The Thin Red Line" in a role of Corporal Fife;
  • "The Pianist" in a role of Wladyslaw Szpilman;
  • "The Affair of the Necklace" in a role of Count Nicolas De La Motte;
  • "Bread and Roses" in a role of Sam Shapiro;
  • "King Kong" in a role of Jack Driscoll;
  • "The Village" in a role of Noah Percy;
  • "Hollywoodland" in a role of Louis Simo;
  • "The Darjeeling Limited" in a role of Peter;
  • "Summer of Sam" in a role of Richie;
  • "Bullet" in a role of Ruby Stein;
  • "Cadillac Records" in a role of Leonard Chess;
  • "King of the Hill" in a role of Lester;
  • "The Brothers Bloom" in a role of Bloom;
  • "Angels in the Outfield" in a role of Danny Hemmerling;
  • "Liberty Heights" in a role of Van Kurtzman;
  • "Solo" in a role of Dr. Bill Stewart, Solo's Designer;
  • "The Jacket" in a role of Jack Starks;

The photo image of James Naughton, starring in the movie "Oxygen"
James Naughton
as a character
Clark Hannon
James Naughton also starred in the next movies:
  • "The Devil Wears Prada" in a role of Stephen;
  • "Suburban Girl" in a role of Robert Eisenberg;
  • "Factory Girl" in a role of Fuzzy Sedgwick;
  • "The Paper Chase" in a role of Kevin Brooks;

The photo image of Laila Robins, starring in the movie "Oxygen"
Laila Robins
as a character
Frances Hannon
Laila Robins also starred in the next movies:
  • "Planes, Trains & Automobiles" in a role of Susan Page;
  • "Multiple Sarcasms" in a role of Lauren;

The photo image of Terry Kinney, starring in the movie "Oxygen"
Terry Kinney
as a character
Capt. Tim Foster
Terry Kinney also starred in the next movies:
  • "Sleepers" in a role of Ralph Ferguson;
  • "The Game of Their Lives" in a role of Dent McSkimming, younger;
  • "No Mercy" in a role of Paul Deveneux;
  • "The Last of the Mohicans" in a role of John Cameron;
  • "Turn the River" in a role of Markus;
  • "Devil in a Blue Dress" in a role of Todd Carter;
  • "Fly Away Home" in a role of David Alden;
  • "Save the Last Dance" in a role of Roy;

The photo image of Paul Calderon, starring in the movie "Oxygen"
Paul Calderon
as a character
Det. Jesse
Paul Calderon also starred in the next movies:
  • "Four Rooms" in a role of Norman (segment "The Man from Hollywood");
  • "Pulp Fiction" in a role of Paul;
  • "Pistol Whipped" in a role of Blue;
  • "King of New York" in a role of Joey Dalesio;
  • "Sea of Love" in a role of Serafino;
  • "Band of the Hand" in a role of Tito;

The photo image of Dylan Baker, starring in the movie "Oxygen"
Dylan Baker
as a character
FBI Agent Jackson Lantham
Dylan Baker also starred in the next movies:
  • "The Cell" in a role of Henry West;
  • "The Tailor of Panama" in a role of General Dusenbaker;
  • "Disclosure" in a role of Philip Blackburn;
  • "Head of State" in a role of Martin Geller;
  • "The Matador" in a role of Lovell;
  • "Thirteen Days" in a role of Robert McNamara, Secretary of Defense;
  • "Hide and Seek" in a role of Sheriff Hafferty;
  • "Spider-Man 2" in a role of Dr. Curt Connors;
  • "Planes, Trains & Automobiles" in a role of Owen;
  • "Random Hearts" in a role of Richard Judd;
  • "Spider-Man 3" in a role of Dr. Curt Connors;
  • "Fido" in a role of Bill Robinson;
  • "Simply Irresistible" in a role of Jonathan Bendel;
  • "Let's Go to Prison" in a role of Warden;
  • "Love Potion No. 9" in a role of Prince Geoffrey;
  • "Trick 'r Treat" in a role of Steven;
  • "Along Came a Spider" in a role of Ollie McArthur;
  • "A Gentleman's Game" in a role of Mr. Price;

The photo image of Olek Krupa, starring in the movie "Oxygen"
Olek Krupa
as a character
Madeline's Lover
Olek Krupa also starred in the next movies:
  • "Fair Game" in a role of Zhukov;
  • "Blue Streak" in a role of Jean LaFleur;
  • "Home Alone 3" in a role of Peter Beaupre;
  • "The Opportunists" in a role of Ted Walikaki;
  • "Simply Irresistible" in a role of Valderon;
  • "Miller's Crossing" in a role of Tad;
  • "Behind Enemy Lines" in a role of Miroslav Lokar;

The photo image of Frankie Faison, starring in the movie "Oxygen"
Frankie Faison
as a character
FBI Agent Phil Kline
Frankie Faison also starred in the next movies:
  • "Red Dragon" in a role of Barney Matthews;
  • "The Silence of the Lambs" in a role of Barney Matthews;
  • "Hannibal" in a role of Barney Matthews;
  • "The Thomas Crown Affair" in a role of Detective Paretti;
  • "White Chicks" in a role of Section Chief Elliott Gordon;
  • "The Cookout" in a role of Jojo Andersen;
  • "Highwaymen" in a role of Will Macklin;
  • "Gods and Generals" in a role of Jim Lewis;
  • "In Good Company" in a role of Corwin;
  • "Cat People" in a role of Det. Brandt;
  • "Maximum Overdrive" in a role of Handy;
  • "Meet the Browns" in a role of L.B. Brown;
  • "For Sale by Owner" in a role of Gene Woodman;
  • "Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant" in a role of Rhamus Twobellies;
  • "Adam" in a role of Harlan;
  • "Money for Nothing" in a role of Madigan;
  • "Breaking Point" in a role of Judge Green;
  • "Mississippi Burning" in a role of Eulogist;
  • "Splinterheads" in a role of Pope;

The photo image of Slavko Stimac, starring in the movie "Oxygen"
Slavko Stimac
as a character
Det. Jerome Jerzy

Slavko Stimac starred only in the movie "Oxygen"
The photo image of Michael Henderson, starring in the movie "Oxygen"
Michael Henderson
as a character
Greg 'Handsome' Evans

Michael Henderson starred only in the movie "Oxygen"
The photo image of Robert Shepard, starring in the movie "Oxygen"
Robert Shepard
as a character
Sal the Bartender

Robert Shepard starred only in the movie "Oxygen"
The photo image of Eddie Perez, starring in the movie "Oxygen"
Eddie Perez
as a character
Scary Guy
Eddie Perez also starred in the next movies:
  • "Demon Hunter" in a role of Big Man;

The photo image of Gene Canfield, starring in the movie "Oxygen"
Gene Canfield
as a character
Joe the Cop
Gene Canfield also starred in the next movies:
  • "Meet Joe Black" in a role of Construction Foreman;
  • "Scent of a Woman" in a role of Manny;
  • "Romeo Is Bleeding" in a role of John;
  • "Sea of Love" in a role of Struk;

The photo image of Christopher J. Quinn, starring in the movie "Oxygen"
Christopher J. Quinn
as a character
Chris the Cop

Christopher J. Quinn starred only in the movie "Oxygen"

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