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Movie genres: [Biography] [Drama] [Romance]
Produced in 2003
Directed by Christine Jeffs

Short description of the movie "Sylvia"

Talented but plagued by her owns demons Sylvia Plath's early relationship with husband and fellow poet, Ted Hughes, is dominated by Ted's ambition and success. In the early years of their marriage Sylvia lacks inspiration and increasingly senses Ted's infidelity. The unspoken question is whether Ted's extra-marital affairs are the result of Sylvia's own insecurities or whether Sylvia's deepening depression is exacerbated by her husbands philandering. It is only towards the end, when they are separated, that Sylvia is able to truly explore the dark depths of her soul and write the searingly brilliant poetry that earned her fame.

Starring actors in "Sylvia" movie:

The photo image of Gwyneth Paltrow, starring in the movie "Sylvia"
Gwyneth Paltrow
as a character
Sylvia Plath
Gwyneth Paltrow also starred in the next movies:
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  • "Iron Man 2" in a role of Pepper Potts;

The photo image of Daniel Craig, starring in the movie "Sylvia"
Daniel Craig
as a character
Ted Hughes
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The photo image of Jared Harris, starring in the movie "Sylvia"
Jared Harris
as a character
Al Alvarez
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The photo image of Blythe Danner, starring in the movie "Sylvia"
Blythe Danner
as a character
Aurelia Plath
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The photo image of Michael Gambon, starring in the movie "Sylvia"
Michael Gambon
as a character
Professor Thomas
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The photo image of Amira Casar, starring in the movie "Sylvia"
Amira Casar
as a character
Assia Wevill
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The photo image of Andrew Havill, starring in the movie "Sylvia"
Andrew Havill
as a character
David Wevill
Andrew Havill also starred in the next movies:
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The photo image of Lucy Davenport, starring in the movie "Sylvia"
Lucy Davenport
as a character

Lucy Davenport starred only in the movie "Sylvia"
The photo image of Liddy Holloway, starring in the movie "Sylvia"
Liddy Holloway
as a character
Martha Bergstrom
Liddy Holloway also starred in the next movies:
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The photo image of David Birkin, starring in the movie "Sylvia"
David Birkin
as a character
David Birkin also starred in the next movies:
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The photo image of Alison Bruce, starring in the movie "Sylvia"
Alison Bruce
as a character
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The photo image of Julian Firth, starring in the movie "Sylvia"
Julian Firth
as a character
James Michie
Julian Firth also starred in the next movies:
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The photo image of Jeremy Fowlds, starring in the movie "Sylvia"
Jeremy Fowlds
as a character
Mr. Robinson

Jeremy Fowlds starred only in the movie "Sylvia"
The photo image of Michael Mears, starring in the movie "Sylvia"
Michael Mears
as a character
Charles Langridge

Michael Mears starred only in the movie "Sylvia"
The photo image of Anthony Strachan, starring in the movie "Sylvia"
Anthony Strachan
as a character
Michael Boddy

Anthony Strachan starred only in the movie "Sylvia"

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