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Movie genres: [Comedy] [Drama] [Romance]
Produced in 1999
Directed by Roger Michell

Short description of the movie "Notting Hill"

Every man's dream comes true for William Thacker, a successless Notting Hill bookstore owner, when Anna Scott, the world's most beautiful woman and best-liked actress, enters his shop. A little later, he still can't believe it himself, William runs into her again - this time spilling orange juice over her. Anna accepts his offer to change in his nearby apartment, and thanks him with a kiss, which seems to surprise her even more than him. Eventually, Anna and William get to know each other better over the months, but being together with the world's most wanted woman is not easy - neither around your closest friends, nor in front of the all-devouring press.

Starring actors in "Notting Hill" movie:

The photo image of Julia Roberts, starring in the movie "Notting Hill"
Julia Roberts
as a character
Anna Scott
Julia Roberts also starred in the next movies:
  • "Flatliners";
  • "Runaway Bride" in a role of Maggie Carpenter;
  • "Confessions of a Dangerous Mind";
  • "Ocean's Twelve" in a role of Tess Ocean;
  • "Hook" in a role of Tinkerbell;
  • "Conspiracy Theory" in a role of Alice Sutton;
  • "The Pelican Brief" in a role of Darby Shaw;
  • "Closer" in a role of Anna;
  • "The Mexican" in a role of Samantha Barzel;
  • "Erin Brockovich" in a role of Erin Brockovich;
  • "Mona Lisa Smile" in a role of Katherine Ann Watson;
  • "Pretty Woman" in a role of Vivian Ward;
  • "Charlotte's Web" in a role of Charlotte the Spider;
  • "I Love Trouble" in a role of Sabrina Peterson;
  • "Stepmom" in a role of Isabel Kelly;
  • "Sleeping with the Enemy" in a role of Laura Burney;
  • "Steel Magnolias" in a role of Shelby Eatenton Latcherie;
  • "Duplicity" in a role of Claire Stenwick;
  • "My Best Friend's Wedding" in a role of Julianne Potter;
  • "America's Sweethearts" in a role of Kathleen "Kiki" Harrison;

The photo image of Hugh Grant, starring in the movie "Notting Hill"
Hugh Grant
as a character
William Thacker
Hugh Grant also starred in the next movies:
  • "Bridget Jones's Diary" in a role of Daniel Cleaver;
  • "Two Weeks Notice" in a role of George Wade;
  • "Four Weddings and a Funeral" in a role of Charles (Wedding one);
  • "About a Boy" in a role of Will;
  • "Sense and Sensibility" in a role of Edward Ferrars;
  • "Music and Lyrics" in a role of Alex Fletcher;
  • "The Remains of the Day" in a role of Reginald Cardinal;
  • "Did You Hear About the Morgans?" in a role of Paul;
  • "Nine Months" in a role of Samuel Faulkner;

The photo image of Richard McCabe, starring in the movie "Notting Hill"
Richard McCabe
as a character
Richard McCabe also starred in the next movies:
  • "Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World" in a role of Mr. Higgins, Surgeon's Mate;
  • "Nightwatching" in a role of Bloefeldt;
  • "The Duchess" in a role of Sir James Hare;

The photo image of Rhys Ifans, starring in the movie "Notting Hill"
Rhys Ifans
as a character
Rhys Ifans also starred in the next movies:
  • "Little Nicky" in a role of Adrian;
  • "The 51st State";
  • "The Shipping News" in a role of Beaufield Nutbeem;
  • "The Replacements" in a role of Nigel 'The Leg' Gruff;
  • "Human Nature" in a role of Puff;
  • "Kevin & Perry Go Large" in a role of Eyeball Paul;
  • "Elizabeth: The Golden Age" in a role of Robert Reston;
  • "Chromophobia" in a role of Colin;
  • "Hannibal Rising" in a role of Vladis Grutas;
  • "Vanity Fair" in a role of William Dobbin;
  • "The Informers" in a role of Roger;
  • "The Boat That Rocked" in a role of Gavin Cavner;
  • "Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang" in a role of Uncle Phil;

The photo image of James Dreyfus, starring in the movie "Notting Hill"
James Dreyfus
as a character
James Dreyfus also starred in the next movies:
  • "Colour Me Kubrick: A True...ish Story" in a role of Melvyn;

The photo image of Dylan Moran, starring in the movie "Notting Hill"
Dylan Moran
as a character
Rufus the Thief
Dylan Moran also starred in the next movies:
  • "Run, Fat Boy, Run" in a role of Gordon;
  • "Shaun of the Dead" in a role of David;
  • "A Film with Me in It" in a role of Pierce;
  • "The Actors" in a role of Tom Quirk;
  • "Dylan Moran Live: What It Is" in a role of Himself;

The photo image of Roger Frost, starring in the movie "Notting Hill"
Roger Frost
as a character
Annoying Customer
Roger Frost also starred in the next movies:
  • "Sweeney Todd" in a role of 1st Customer;

The photo image of Henry Goodman, starring in the movie "Notting Hill"
Henry Goodman
as a character
Ritz Concierge
Henry Goodman also starred in the next movies:
  • "The Saint" in a role of Dr. Lev Botvin;
  • "Colour Me Kubrick: A True...ish Story" in a role of Mordecai;
  • "Hooligans" in a role of Carl Buckner;
  • "Private Parts" in a role of Moti;
  • "Taking Woodstock" in a role of Jake Teichberg;

The photo image of Julian Rhind-Tutt, starring in the movie "Notting Hill"
Julian Rhind-Tutt
as a character
'Time Out' Journalist
Julian Rhind-Tutt also starred in the next movies:
  • "Lara Croft: Tomb Raider" in a role of Mr. Pimms;
  • "The River King" in a role of Eric Herman;

The photo image of Lorelei King, starring in the movie "Notting Hill"
Lorelei King
as a character
Anna's Publicist
Lorelei King also starred in the next movies:
  • "Back to Gaya" in a role of 1. Female Gayan and Susi;

The photo image of John Shrapnel, starring in the movie "Notting Hill"
John Shrapnel
as a character
P.R. Chief
John Shrapnel also starred in the next movies:
  • "Gladiator" in a role of Gaius;
  • "The Body" in a role of Moshe Cohen;
  • "Troy" in a role of Nestor;
  • "Alien Autopsy" in a role of Michael Kuhn;
  • "Elizabeth: The Golden Age" in a role of Lord Howard;
  • "Chemical Wedding" in a role of Crowley;
  • "Mirrors" in a role of Lorenzo Sapelli;
  • "The Duchess" in a role of General Grey;
  • "101 Dalmatians" in a role of Skinner;

The photo image of Clarke Peters, starring in the movie "Notting Hill"
Clarke Peters
as a character
'Helix' Lead Actor
Clarke Peters also starred in the next movies:
  • "Marley & Me" in a role of Editor;
  • "Gigantic" in a role of Roger Stovall;
  • "Endgame" in a role of Nelson Mandela;

The photo image of Arturo Venegas, starring in the movie "Notting Hill"
Arturo Venegas
as a character
Foreign Actor
Arturo Venegas also starred in the next movies:
  • "The Business" in a role of Mayor;
  • "Year of the Comet" in a role of Luis;

The photo image of Yolanda Vazquez, starring in the movie "Notting Hill"
Yolanda Vazquez
as a character
Yolanda Vazquez also starred in the next movies:
  • "Bad Boys II" in a role of Detective Mateo Reyes;

The photo image of Mischa Barton, starring in the movie "Notting Hill"
Mischa Barton
as a character
12-year-old Actress
Mischa Barton also starred in the next movies:
  • "The Sixth Sense" in a role of Kyra Collins;
  • "Tart" in a role of Grace Bailey;
  • "Pulse (aka Octane)" in a role of Natasha 'Nat' Wilson;
  • "Virgin Territory" in a role of Pampinea;
  • "St. Trinian's" in a role of JJ French;
  • "Lost and Delirious" in a role of Mary 'Mouse' Bedford;
  • "Walled In" in a role of Sam Walczak;
  • "Homecoming" in a role of Shelby;

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