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Movie genres: [Drama] [Romance]
Produced in 2003
Directed by Bille Woodruff

Short description of the movie "Honey"

Honey Danels (Jessica Alba) is a 22-year-old, sexy, tough-minded, part-black, part-Latina hip-hop dancer in New York's East Harlem who dreams of making it big as a music video choreographer. She teaches hip-hop dancing at a local youth center and encourages the local kids to attend to keep them off the streets and out of trouble. When luck shines on Honey in the form of a famous music video director, named Michael, who casts her in one music video, she's encouraged to make the transition from dancer to choreographer. But Honey's sudden success comes with a price when Michael refuses to take "no" for an answer to his sexual advances and then tries to sabotage her career by blackballing her out of the business.

Starring actors in "Honey" movie:

The photo image of Jessica Alba, starring in the movie "Honey"
Jessica Alba
as a character
Honey Daniels
Jessica Alba also starred in the next movies:
  • "Sin City" in a role of Nancy;
  • "Fantastic Four" in a role of Sue Storm;
  • "Into the Blue" in a role of Sam;
  • "4: Rise of the Silver Surfer" in a role of Susan Storm;
  • "Good Luck Chuck" in a role of Cam Wexler;
  • "The Ten" in a role of Liz Anne Blazer;
  • "Awake" in a role of Sam Lockwood;
  • "The Sleeping Dictionary" in a role of Selima;
  • "The Eye" in a role of Sydney Wells;

The photo image of Lil' Romeo, starring in the movie "Honey"
Lil' Romeo
as a character

Lil' Romeo starred only in the movie "Honey"
The photo image of Mekhi Phifer, starring in the movie "Honey"
Mekhi Phifer
as a character
Mekhi Phifer also starred in the next movies:
  • "Dawn of the Dead" in a role of Andre;
  • "8 Mile" in a role of David 'Future' Porter;
  • "Slow Burn" in a role of Isaac Duperde;
  • "This Christmas" in a role of Gerald;
  • "I Still Know What You Did Last Summer" in a role of Tyrell;

The photo image of David Moscow, starring in the movie "Honey"
David Moscow
as a character
Michael Ellis
David Moscow also starred in the next movies:
  • "Just Married" in a role of Kyle;
  • "Vacancy 2" in a role of Gordon;
  • "Big" in a role of Young Josh;

The photo image of Zachary Williams, starring in the movie "Honey"
Zachary Williams
as a character

Zachary Williams starred only in the movie "Honey"
The photo image of Joy Bryant, starring in the movie "Honey"
Joy Bryant
as a character
Joy Bryant also starred in the next movies:
  • "Get Rich or Die Tryin'" in a role of Charlene;
  • "The Skeleton Key" in a role of Jill;
  • "Antwone Fisher" in a role of Cheryl Smolley;
  • "Three Way" in a role of Rita Caswell;
  • "Virtuality" in a role of Alice Thibadeau;

The photo image of Missy 'Misdemeanor' Elliott, starring in the movie "Honey"
Missy 'Misdemeanor' Elliott
as a character

Missy 'Misdemeanor' Elliott starred only in the movie "Honey"
The photo image of Anthony Sherwood, starring in the movie "Honey"
Anthony Sherwood
as a character
Mr. Daniels
Anthony Sherwood also starred in the next movies:
  • "Eddie and the Cruisers II: Eddie Lives!" in a role of Hilton Overstreet;

The photo image of Lonette McKee, starring in the movie "Honey"
Lonette McKee
as a character
Mrs. Daniels
Lonette McKee also starred in the next movies:
  • "Brewster's Millions" in a role of Angela Drake;
  • "She Hate Me" in a role of Lottie Armstrong;

The photo image of Wes Williams, starring in the movie "Honey"
Wes Williams
as a character

Wes Williams starred only in the movie "Honey"
The photo image of Judi Embden, starring in the movie "Honey"
Judi Embden
as a character
Mrs. Strom

Judi Embden starred only in the movie "Honey"
The photo image of Laurie Ann Gibson, starring in the movie "Honey"
Laurie Ann Gibson
as a character

Laurie Ann Gibson starred only in the movie "Honey"
The photo image of Scott Neil, starring in the movie "Honey"
Scott Neil
as a character

Scott Neil starred only in the movie "Honey"
The photo image of Alison Sealy-Smith, starring in the movie "Honey"
Alison Sealy-Smith
as a character
Alison Sealy-Smith also starred in the next movies:
  • "Dark Water" in a role of Supervisor;
  • "The Skulls III" in a role of Dr. Franks;

The photo image of Jull Weber, starring in the movie "Honey"
Jull Weber
as a character

Jull Weber starred only in the movie "Honey"

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