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Movie genres: [Comedy] [Sport]
Produced in 2003
Directed by Casey La Scala

Short description of the movie "Grind"

While the rest of his high school graduating class is heading to the same old grind of college, skateboarder Eric Rivers and his best friends, Dustin, a goal-oriented workaholic, and misfit slacker Matt have one last summer roadtrip together to follow their dream of getting noticed by the professional skateboarding world—and getting paid to skate. When skating legend Jimmy Wilson's skate demo tour hits town, the boys figure that as soon as he sees their fierce tricks, he'll sign them up for his renowned skate team immediately, right? Unfortunately, the guys are intercepted by Jimmy's road manager and they can't get their foot in the door, much less their boards. But they do get some free advice: keep skating, stay true to yourself, and stay in the game—if you're good, you'll get noticed. Following their dream— and Jimmy's national tour—Eric, Dustin and Matt start their own skate team, reluctantly sponsored by Dustin and his college fund. After recruiting laid-back ladies man Sweet Lou to join their crew and provide the wheels for their tour, team Super Duper launches the ride of their lives in an outrageous road trip from Chi-town to Santa Monica. The professional scene doesn't exactly welcome nobody skaters, but these outsiders stick together through extreme misadventures. In their quest to go pro, they meet professional vert skating champions Bucky Lasek, Bob Burnquist and Pierre Luc Gagnon, skate pro Bam Margera and his crew Preston Lacy, Ehren Danger McGhehey and Jason Wee Man Acuña, as well as sexy skate chick Jamie as they grind handrails across America and force the skateboarding world to give 'em a piece of the action.

Starring actors in "Grind" movie:

The photo image of Mike Vogel, starring in the movie "Grind"
Mike Vogel
as a character
Eric Rivers
Mike Vogel also starred in the next movies:
  • "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" in a role of Andy;
  • "Poseidon" in a role of Christian;
  • "Rumor Has It..." in a role of Blake Burroughs;
  • "Havoc" in a role of Toby;
  • "The Deaths of Ian Stone" in a role of Ian Stone;
  • "Cloverfield" in a role of Jason Hawkins;
  • "Across the Hall" in a role of Julian;
  • "Supercross" in a role of Trip Carlyle;
  • "Open Graves" in a role of Jason;
  • "She's Out of My League" in a role of Jack;

The photo image of Vince Vieluf, starring in the movie "Grind"
Vince Vieluf
as a character
Matt Jensen
Vince Vieluf also starred in the next movies:
  • "Rat Race" in a role of Blaine Cody;
  • "After School Special" in a role of Tom 'Coop' Cooperman;

The photo image of Joey Kern, starring in the movie "Grind"
Joey Kern
as a character
Sweet Lou
Joey Kern also starred in the next movies:
  • "Super Troopers";
  • "Lucky You" in a role of Billie’s Admirer;
  • "Just Add Water" in a role of Scotty;
  • "All the Days Before Tomorrow" in a role of Wes;
  • "The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard" in a role of Ricky;
  • "Cabin Fever" in a role of Jeff;
  • "The Sasquatch Gang" in a role of Shirts Jokum;

The photo image of Adam Brody, starring in the movie "Grind"
Adam Brody
as a character
Dustin Knight
Adam Brody also starred in the next movies:
  • "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" in a role of Benjamin Danz;
  • "Thank You for Smoking" in a role of Jack;
  • "The Ring" in a role of Kellen, Male Teen #1;
  • "In the Land of Women" in a role of Carter Webb;
  • "The Ten" in a role of Stephen Montgomery;
  • "Jennifer's Body" in a role of Nikolai Wolf;
  • "Death in Love" in a role of Talent Agent;
  • "Cop Out" in a role of Barry Mangold;

The photo image of Jennifer Morrison, starring in the movie "Grind"
Jennifer Morrison
as a character
Jennifer Morrison also starred in the next movies:
  • "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" in a role of Jade - Associate #2;
  • "Stir of Echoes" in a role of Samantha Kozac;

The photo image of Jason London, starring in the movie "Grind"
Jason London
as a character
Jimmy Wilson
Jason London also starred in the next movies:
  • "Out Cold" in a role of Rick Rambis;
  • "The Prophecy: Forsaken" in a role of Simon;
  • "Adventures of Johnny Tao" in a role of Jimmy;
  • "Dazed and Confused" in a role of Randall 'Pink' Floyd;
  • "Killer Movie" in a role of Mike;
  • "All Roads Lead Home" in a role of Cody;
  • "The Devil's Tomb" in a role of Hicks;
  • "Showdown at Area 51" in a role of Jake Townsend;
  • "If These Walls Could Talk" in a role of Kevin Donnelly;

The photo image of Summer Altice, starring in the movie "Grind"
Summer Altice
as a character
Summer Altice also starred in the next movies:
  • "Shanghai Kiss" in a role of Virginia;

The photo image of Bam Margera, starring in the movie "Grind"
Bam Margera
as a character
Bam Margera also starred in the next movies:
  • "Jackass Number Two" in a role of Himself;
  • "The Dudesons Movie" in a role of Himself;

The photo image of Erin Murphy, starring in the movie "Grind"
Erin Murphy
as a character
Hot Mama

Erin Murphy starred only in the movie "Grind"
The photo image of Baron La Scala, starring in the movie "Grind"
Baron La Scala
as a character
In Utero

Baron La Scala starred only in the movie "Grind"
The photo image of Stephen Root, starring in the movie "Grind"
Stephen Root
as a character
Stephen Root also starred in the next movies:
  • "Ice Age" in a role of Rhino/Start;
  • "Jersey Girl" in a role of Greenie;
  • "Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story" in a role of Gordon;
  • "Bicentennial Man" in a role of Dennis Mansky, Head of NorthAm Robotics;
  • "O Brother, Where Art Thou?";
  • "Finding Nemo" in a role of Bubbles;
  • "Just Friends" in a role of KC;
  • "Black Rain" in a role of Berg;
  • "Office Space" in a role of Milton Waddams;
  • "No Country for Old Men" in a role of Man Who Hires Wells;
  • "Over Her Dead Body" in a role of Sculptor;
  • "Tripping the Rift: The Movie" in a role of Chode;
  • "Leatherheads" in a role of Suds;
  • "Monkey Shines" in a role of Dean Burbage;
  • "The Ladykillers" in a role of Fernand Gudge;
  • "Krippendorf's Tribe" in a role of Gerald Adams;
  • "Bob Funk" in a role of Steve;
  • "The Men Who Stare at Goats" in a role of Gus Lacey;

The photo image of Christopher McDonald, starring in the movie "Grind"
Christopher McDonald
as a character
Mr. Rivers
Christopher McDonald also starred in the next movies:
  • "Requiem for a Dream" in a role of Tappy Tibbons;
  • "Thelma & Louise" in a role of Darryl Dickinson;
  • "The Faculty" in a role of Mr. Frank Connor;
  • "Outrageous Fortune" in a role of George;
  • "The Iron Giant" in a role of Kent Mansley;
  • "Fair Game" in a role of Lieutenant Meyerson;
  • "The Perfect Storm" in a role of Todd Gross, TV Meteorologist;
  • "Rumor Has It..." in a role of Roger McManus;
  • "Grumpy Old Men" in a role of Mike;
  • "Funny Money" in a role of Vic;
  • "Kickin It Old Skool" in a role of Marty Schumacher;
  • "American Pie Presents: Beta House" in a role of Mr. Stifler;
  • "Awake" in a role of Dr. Larry Lupin;
  • "Player 5150" in a role of Tony;
  • "Superhero Movie" in a role of Lou Landers/Hourglass;
  • "Best of the Best 3: No Turning Back" in a role of Jack Banning;
  • "Chances Are" in a role of Louie Jeffries;
  • "Flubber" in a role of Wilson Croft;
  • "The Hearse" in a role of Pete;
  • "Happy Gilmore" in a role of Shooter;
  • "Spy Kids 2: Island of Lost Dreams" in a role of President of the USA;
  • "Grease 2" in a role of Goose McKenzie;
  • "Dutch" in a role of Reed Standish;
  • "Unforgettable" in a role of Stewart Gleick;
  • "Splinterheads" in a role of Sargeant Bruce Mancuso;

The photo image of Brian Posehn, starring in the movie "Grind"
Brian Posehn
as a character
Orville the Scraggly Guy
Brian Posehn also starred in the next movies:
  • "The Devil's Rejects" in a role of Jimmy;
  • "Spy School aka Doubting Thomas" in a role of Grissom;
  • "Surf's Up" in a role of Glen Maverick;
  • "The Haunted World of El Superbeasto" in a role of Murray;
  • "Scooby-Doo! Abracadabra-Doo" in a role of Marlon Whirlen;
  • "Super High Me" in a role of Himself;

The photo image of Jason Acuña, starring in the movie "Grind"
Jason Acuña
as a character
Little Timmy
Jason Acuña also starred in the next movies:
  • "Jackass Number Two" in a role of Himself;

The photo image of Donte Calarco, starring in the movie "Grind"
Donte Calarco
as a character
Buxom Girl #1

Donte Calarco starred only in the movie "Grind"

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