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Movie genres: [Comedy] [Drama] [Sci-Fi]
Produced in 2002
Directed by Andrew Niccol

Short description of the movie "S1m0ne"

The career of a disillusioned producer, who is desperate for a hit, is endangered when his star walks off the film set. Forced to think fast, the producer decides to digitally create an actress "Simone" to sub for the star—the first totally believable synthetic actress. The "actress" becomes an overnight sensation, with a major singing career as well, and everyone thinks she's a real person. However, as Simone's fame skyrockets, he cannot bear to admit his fraud to himself or the world.

Starring actors in "S1m0ne" movie:

The photo image of Al Pacino, starring in the movie "S1m0ne"
Al Pacino
as a character
Viktor Taransky
Al Pacino also starred in the next movies:
  • "The Devil's Advocate" in a role of John Milton;
  • "Heat" in a role of Lt. Vincent Hanna;
  • "The Recruit" in a role of Walter Burke;
  • "Scent of a Woman" in a role of Lieutenant Colonel Frank Slade;
  • "Any Given Sunday" in a role of Tony D'Amato;
  • "Scarface" in a role of Tony Montana;
  • "Donnie Brasco" in a role of Benjamin 'Lefty' Ruggiero;
  • "The Godfather" in a role of Michael Corleone;
  • "The Godfather: Part III" in a role of Don Michael Corleone;
  • "Two for the Money" in a role of Walter Abrams;
  • "The Godfather: Part II" in a role of Don Michael Corleone;
  • "88 Minutes" in a role of Jack Gramm;
  • "Ocean's Thirteen" in a role of Willie Banks;
  • "Dog Day Afternoon" in a role of Sonny Wortzik;
  • "Righteous Kill" in a role of Rooster;
  • "Carlito's Way" in a role of Carlito 'Charlie' Brigante;
  • "The Insider" in a role of Lowell Bergman;
  • "Cruising" in a role of Steve Burns;
  • "Insomnia" in a role of Detective Will Dormer;
  • "Sea of Love" in a role of Det. Frank Keller;
  • "Serpico" in a role of Officer Frank Serpico;

The photo image of Benjamin Salisbury, starring in the movie "S1m0ne"
Benjamin Salisbury
as a character
Benjamin Salisbury also starred in the next movies:
  • "Captain Ron" in a role of Benjamin Harvey;

The photo image of Winona Ryder, starring in the movie "S1m0ne"
Winona Ryder
as a character
Nicola Anders
Winona Ryder also starred in the next movies:
  • "Alien: Resurrection" in a role of Annalee Call;
  • "Mr. Deeds" in a role of Babe Bennett/Pam Dawson;
  • "Girl, Interrupted" in a role of Susanna Kaysen;
  • "Beetle Juice" in a role of Lydia;
  • "Reality Bites" in a role of Lelaina Pierce;
  • "Night on Earth" in a role of Corky;
  • "Edward Scissorhands" in a role of Kim;
  • "How to Make an American Quilt" in a role of Finn Dodd;
  • "Dracula" in a role of Mina Murray/Elisabeta;
  • "A Scanner Darkly" in a role of Donna Hawthorne;
  • "The Ten" in a role of Kelly LaFonda;
  • "Heathers" in a role of Veronica Sawyer;
  • "Sex and Death 101" in a role of Gillian;
  • "Lucas" in a role of Rina;
  • "The Last Word" in a role of Charlotte;
  • "Star Trek" in a role of Amanda Grayson;
  • "The Crucible" in a role of Abigail Williams;
  • "The Age of Innocence" in a role of May Welland;
  • "The Informers" in a role of Cheryl Laine;
  • "The Private Lives of Pippa Lee" in a role of Sandra Dulles;
  • "When Love Is Not Enough: The Lois Wilson Story" in a role of Lois Wilson;

The photo image of Darnell Williams, starring in the movie "S1m0ne"
Darnell Williams
as a character
Studio Executive
Darnell Williams also starred in the next movies:
  • "Firestarter 2: Rekindled" in a role of Gil;
  • "Shadowboxer" in a role of Mikey's Father;
  • "Strays" in a role of Keith;

The photo image of Steve Rash, starring in the movie "S1m0ne"
Steve Rash
as a character
Studio Executive

Steve Rash starred only in the movie "S1m0ne"
The photo image of Ron Perkins, starring in the movie "S1m0ne"
Ron Perkins
as a character
Studio Executive
Ron Perkins also starred in the next movies:
  • "Ronin" in a role of Man with the Newspaper;
  • "Spider-Man" in a role of Dr. Mendell Stromm;
  • "Firestarter 2: Rekindled" in a role of Special Agent Pruitt;

The photo image of Jay Mohr, starring in the movie "S1m0ne"
Jay Mohr
as a character
Hal Sinclair
Jay Mohr also starred in the next movies:
  • "Are We There Yet?" in a role of Marty;
  • "Jerry Maguire" in a role of Bob Sugar;
  • "Pay It Forward" in a role of Chris Chandler;
  • "The Adventures of Pluto Nash" in a role of Tony Francis;
  • "Small Soldiers" in a role of Larry Benson;
  • "Jane Austen's Mafia!" in a role of Anthony 'Tony' Cortino;
  • "Go" in a role of Zack;
  • "Street Kings" in a role of Sgt. Mike Clady;
  • "Cherry Falls" in a role of Leonard Marliston;
  • "Playing by Heart" in a role of Mark;
  • "Paulie" in a role of Paulie;

The photo image of Catherine Keener, starring in the movie "S1m0ne"
Catherine Keener
as a character
Elaine Christian
Catherine Keener also starred in the next movies:
  • "8MM" in a role of Amy Welles;
  • "The Interpreter" in a role of Dot Woods;
  • "The Ballad of Jack and Rose" in a role of Kathleen;
  • "Friends with Money" in a role of Christine;
  • "American Crime, An" in a role of Gertrude Baniszewski;
  • "The 40 Year Old Virgin" in a role of Trish;
  • "Hamlet 2" in a role of Brie Marschz;
  • "Genova" in a role of Barbara;
  • "Capote" in a role of Nelle Harper Lee;
  • "Being John Malkovich" in a role of Maxine Lund;
  • "Synecdoche, New York" in a role of Adele Lack;
  • "Out of Sight" in a role of Adele;
  • "Where the Wild Things Are" in a role of Mom;
  • "If These Walls Could Talk" in a role of Becky Donnelly;

The photo image of Evan Rachel Wood, starring in the movie "S1m0ne"
Evan Rachel Wood
as a character
Lainey Christian
Evan Rachel Wood also starred in the next movies:
  • "Practical Magic" in a role of Kylie Owens;
  • "The Upside of Anger" in a role of Lavender 'Popeye' Wolfmeyer;
  • "Running with Scissors" in a role of Natalie Finch;
  • "Down in the Valley" in a role of Tobe;
  • "King of California" in a role of Miranda;
  • "The Life Before Her Eyes" in a role of Young Diana;
  • "The Missing" in a role of Lilly Gilkeson;
  • "The Wrestler" in a role of Stephanie Robinson;
  • "Thirteen" in a role of Tracy Louise Freeland;
  • "Whatever Works" in a role of Melodie St. Ann Celestine;
  • "Across the Universe" in a role of Lucy;

The photo image of Jeffrey Pierce, starring in the movie "S1m0ne"
Jeffrey Pierce
as a character
Jeffrey Pierce also starred in the next movies:
  • "The Foreigner" in a role of Sean Cold;

The photo image of Jeff Williams, starring in the movie "S1m0ne"
Jeff Williams
as a character
Man in Suit

Jeff Williams starred only in the movie "S1m0ne"
The photo image of Rachel Roberts, starring in the movie "S1m0ne"
Rachel Roberts
as a character
Rachel Roberts also starred in the next movies:
  • "The Limping Man" in a role of Barmaid;

The photo image of Mitzi Martin, starring in the movie "S1m0ne"
Mitzi Martin
as a character
Premiere Audience Member

Mitzi Martin starred only in the movie "S1m0ne"
The photo image of Carole Androsky, starring in the movie "S1m0ne"
Carole Androsky
as a character
Premiere Audience Member
Carole Androsky also starred in the next movies:
  • "Dante's Peak" in a role of Mary Kelly;
  • "Little Big Man" in a role of Caroline Crabb - Sister;

The photo image of Christopher Neiman, starring in the movie "S1m0ne"
Christopher Neiman
as a character
Premiere Audience Member
Christopher Neiman also starred in the next movies:
  • "Auto Focus" in a role of Robert Clary;
  • "Hellraiser: Inferno" in a role of Pathologist;

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