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Movie genres: [Action] [Horror] [Sci-Fi] [Thriller]
Produced in 1999
Directed by John Bruno

Short description of the movie "Virus"

After losing their payload the ramshackle, sinking, ocean-going salvage tug "Sea Star" takes refuge in the eye of a typhoon in an attempt to make repairs. Whilst trying to find help the tug, captained by Robert Everton ('Donald Sutherland' (qv)), discovers a Russian science vessel adrift in the eye. The crew believes their troubles are over and they are set for life when the captain informs them of the value of salvaging this apparent ghost-ship. However, the navigator Kit Foster ('Jamie Lee Curtis' (qv)) and the chief engineer Steve Baker ('William Baldwin' (qv)) are not convinced that it will be that easy. Once power is restored to the ship strange things start to happen and the crew mysteriously disappear one by one. It isn't until the discovery of the last remaining Russian crew member, the chief science officer Nadia Vinogradiya ('Joanna Pacula' (qv)), that the crew realise the enemy ranged against them isn't the Russians but something far more malevolent...

Starring actors in "Virus" movie:

The photo image of Jamie Lee Curtis, starring in the movie "Virus"
Jamie Lee Curtis
as a character
Kelly Foster
Jamie Lee Curtis also starred in the next movies:
  • "True Lies" in a role of Helen Tasker;
  • "Last Action Hero";
  • "Freaky Friday" in a role of Tess Coleman;
  • "A Fish Called Wanda" in a role of Wanda Gershwitz;
  • "Christmas with the Kranks" in a role of Nora Krank;
  • "Halloween" in a role of Laurie Strode;
  • "Blue Steel" in a role of Megan Turner;
  • "Drowning Mona" in a role of Rona Mace;
  • "My Girl 2" in a role of Shelly DeVoto Sultenfuss;
  • "Halloween H20: 20 Years Later" in a role of Keri Tate;
  • "My Girl" in a role of Shelly DeVoto;
  • "Halloween: Resurrection" in a role of Laurie Strode;

The photo image of William Baldwin, starring in the movie "Virus"
William Baldwin
as a character
Steve Baker
William Baldwin also starred in the next movies:
  • "Flatliners";
  • "Fair Game" in a role of Det. Max Kirkpatrick;
  • "The Squid and the Whale" in a role of Ivan;
  • "Backdraft" in a role of Brian McCaffrey;
  • "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" in a role of Detective Hunter Rush;
  • "Adrift in Manhattan" in a role of Mark Phipps;
  • "One Eyed King" in a role of Frank;
  • "Sliver" in a role of Zeke Hawkins;
  • "A Plumm Summer" in a role of Mick Plumm;
  • "American Fork aka Humble Pie" in a role of Truman Hope;
  • "Curdled" in a role of Paul Guell;
  • "Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths" in a role of Batman;

The photo image of Donald Sutherland, starring in the movie "Virus"
Donald Sutherland
as a character
Capt. Robert Everton
Donald Sutherland also starred in the next movies:
  • "The Art of War" in a role of U.N. Secretary General Douglas Thomas;
  • "The Italian Job" in a role of John Bridger;
  • "Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within" in a role of Dr. Cid;
  • "Lock Up" in a role of Warden Drumgoole;
  • "Cold Mountain" in a role of Reverend Monroe;
  • "Invasion of the Body Snatchers";
  • "Disclosure" in a role of Bob Garvin;
  • "Fallen" in a role of Lt. Stanton;
  • "Pride & Prejudice" in a role of Mr. Bennet;
  • "Space Cowboys" in a role of Jerry O'Neill;
  • "'Salem's Lot" in a role of Richard Straker;
  • "American Haunting, An" in a role of John Bell;
  • "Ask the Dust" in a role of Hellfrick;
  • "Five Moons Plaza" in a role of Rosario Sarracino;
  • "Fierce People" in a role of Ogden C. Osborne;
  • "Backdraft" in a role of Ronald Bartel;
  • "Reign Over Me" in a role of Judge Raines;
  • "Kelly's Heroes" in a role of Sgt. Oddball;
  • "Don't Look Now" in a role of John Baxter;
  • "The Puppet Masters" in a role of Andrew Nivens;
  • "Fool's Gold" in a role of Nigel Honeycutt;
  • "National Lampoon's Animal House" in a role of Prof. Dave Jennings;
  • "Puffball" in a role of Lars;
  • "Klute" in a role of John Klute;
  • "The Day of the Locust" in a role of Homer Simpson;
  • "Murder by Decree" in a role of Robert Lees;
  • "Outbreak" in a role of Maj. Gen. Donald McClintock;
  • "Astro Boy" in a role of General Stone;
  • "Ordinary People" in a role of Calvin Jarrett;

The photo image of Joanna Pacula, starring in the movie "Virus"
Joanna Pacula
as a character
Nadia Vinogradiya
Joanna Pacula also starred in the next movies:
  • "Husbands and Lovers" in a role of Alina;
  • "Marked for Death" in a role of Leslie;

The photo image of Marshall Bell, starring in the movie "Virus"
Marshall Bell
as a character
J.W. Woods Jr.
Marshall Bell also starred in the next movies:
  • "Total Recall" in a role of George/Kuato;
  • "Starship Troopers" in a role of General Owen;
  • "Serving Sara" in a role of Warren Cebron;
  • "Twins" in a role of Webster;
  • "A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2: Freddy's Revenge" in a role of Coach Schneider;
  • "Identity" in a role of District Attorney;
  • "Room 6" in a role of Amy's Dad;
  • "Rescue Dawn" in a role of Admiral;
  • "Nancy Drew" in a role of Leshing;
  • "Stand by Me" in a role of Mr. Lachance;
  • "Sex and Death 101" in a role of Victor Rose III;
  • "The Final Season" in a role of Harvey Makepeace;
  • "The Puppet Masters" in a role of General Morgan;
  • "Hamlet 2" in a role of Principal Rocker;
  • "Air America" in a role of Q.V.;
  • "Cherry 2000" in a role of Bill;

The photo image of Sherman Augustus, starring in the movie "Virus"
Sherman Augustus
as a character
Richie Mason
Sherman Augustus also starred in the next movies:
  • "The Foreigner" in a role of Mr. Mimms;
  • "The Mexican" in a role of Leroy the Hitman;
  • "Colors" in a role of Officer Porter;

The photo image of Cliff Curtis, starring in the movie "Virus"
Cliff Curtis
as a character
Cliff Curtis also starred in the next movies:
  • "Six Days Seven Nights" in a role of Kip;
  • "Blow" in a role of Pablo Escobar;
  • "Training Day" in a role of Smiley;
  • "Whale Rider" in a role of Porourangi;
  • "Collateral Damage" in a role of Claudio Perrini;
  • "Three Kings" in a role of Amir Abdullah;
  • "Point of Origin" in a role of Mike Camello;
  • "The Fountain" in a role of Captain Ariel;
  • "River Queen" in a role of Wiremu;
  • "Fracture" in a role of Detective Flores;
  • "Sunshine" in a role of Searle;
  • "Deep Rising" in a role of Mamooli;
  • "Bringing Out the Dead" in a role of Cy Coates;
  • "10,000 BC" in a role of Tic'Tic;
  • "Crossing Over" in a role of Hamid Baraheri;
  • "Once Were Warriors" in a role of Bully;

The photo image of Julio Oscar Mechoso, starring in the movie "Virus"
Julio Oscar Mechoso
as a character
Julio Oscar Mechoso also starred in the next movies:
  • "Once Upon a Time in Mexico" in a role of Advisor;
  • "Jurassic Park III" in a role of Enrique Cardoso;
  • "Heartbreakers" in a role of Leo;
  • "Lords of Dogtown" in a role of Mr. Alva;
  • "Blue Streak" in a role of Detective Diaz;
  • "Bad Boys" in a role of Detective Ruiz;
  • "Ken Park" in a role of Peaches' Father;
  • "The Legend of Zorro" in a role of Frey Felipe;
  • "The Lost City" in a role of Colonel Candela;
  • "White Squall" in a role of Girard Pascal, Albatross Cook;
  • "Little Miss Sunshine" in a role of Mechanic;
  • "Planet Terror" in a role of Romey;
  • "Krippendorf's Tribe" in a role of Prof. Simon Alonso;
  • "The Janky Promoters" in a role of John Glanville;

The photo image of Yuri Chervotkin, starring in the movie "Virus"
Yuri Chervotkin
as a character
Col. Kaminski

Yuri Chervotkin starred only in the movie "Virus"
The photo image of Keith Flippen, starring in the movie "Virus"
Keith Flippen
as a character
Capt. Lonya Rostov
Keith Flippen also starred in the next movies:
  • "The Locket" in a role of Assist. D. A. Palmer;
  • "Home of the Giants" in a role of Mr. Green;

The photo image of Olga Rzhepetskaya-Retchin, starring in the movie "Virus"
Olga Rzhepetskaya-Retchin
as a character
Female cosmonaut

Olga Rzhepetskaya-Retchin starred only in the movie "Virus"
The photo image of Levani Outchaneichvili, starring in the movie "Virus"
Levani Outchaneichvili
as a character
Capt. Alexei
Levani Outchaneichvili also starred in the next movies:
  • "25th Hour" in a role of Uncle Nikolai;

The photo image of David Eggby, starring in the movie "Virus"
David Eggby
as a character
Norfolk captain

David Eggby starred only in the movie "Virus"

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