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Movie genres: [Comedy] [Romance]
Produced in 1987
Directed by Garry Marshall

Short description of the movie "Overboard"

Rich bitch Joanna hires country carpenter Dean to build a closet on her yacht. When the two don't see eye-to-eye, Dean is left unpaid while Joanna sets sail. The following day, Joanna is fished out of the sea, after falling overboard, suffering from amnesia. Dean sees a neat way to regain the money she owes him... he tells her she's his wife; that way Dean gets a free housekeeper and mother for his four kids.

Starring actors in "Overboard" movie:

The photo image of Goldie Hawn, starring in the movie "Overboard"
Goldie Hawn
as a character
Joanna Stayton/Annie Proffitt
Goldie Hawn also starred in the next movies:
  • "Bird on a Wire" in a role of Marianne Graves;
  • "The Sugarland Express" in a role of Lou Jean Poplin;
  • "The Banger Sisters" in a role of Suzette;
  • "HouseSitter" in a role of Gwen Phillips;
  • "Swing Shift" in a role of Kay Walsh;

The photo image of Kurt Russell, starring in the movie "Overboard"
Kurt Russell
as a character
Dean Proffitt
Kurt Russell also starred in the next movies:
  • "3000 Miles to Graceland" in a role of Michael Zane;
  • "Vanilla Sky" in a role of Dr. Curtis McCabe;
  • "The Thing" in a role of R.J. MacReady;
  • "Interstate 60";
  • "Stargate" in a role of Col. Jonathan 'Jack' O'Neil;
  • "Soldier" in a role of Todd;
  • "Breakdown" in a role of Jeffrey 'Jeff' Taylor;
  • "Tango & Cash" in a role of Gabriel 'Gabe' Cash;
  • "Tequila Sunrise" in a role of Det. Lt. Nicholas 'Nick' Frescia;
  • "Poseidon" in a role of Robert Ramsey;
  • "Tombstone" in a role of Wyatt Earp;
  • "Dark Blue" in a role of Eldon Perry;
  • "Backdraft" in a role of Stephen 'Bull' McCaffrey/Dennis McCaffrey;
  • "Executive Decision" in a role of Dr. Phil. David Grant;
  • "Death Proof (from Grindhouse)" in a role of Stuntman Mike;
  • "Sky High" in a role of Steve Stronghold/The Commander;
  • "Big Trouble in Little China" in a role of Jack Burton;
  • "Unlawful Entry" in a role of Michael Carr;
  • "Escape from L.A." in a role of Snake Plissken;
  • "Miracle" in a role of Herb Brooks;
  • "Escape from New York" in a role of Snake Plissken;
  • "Captain Ron" in a role of Captain Ron;
  • "Swing Shift" in a role of Mike 'Lucky' Lockhart;

The photo image of Edward Herrmann, starring in the movie "Overboard"
Edward Herrmann
as a character
Grant Stayton III
Edward Herrmann also starred in the next movies:
  • "Intolerable Cruelty" in a role of Rex Rexroth;
  • "I Think I Love My Wife" in a role of Mr. Landis;
  • "The Lost Boys" in a role of Max;
  • "Double Take" in a role of Charles Allsworth;
  • "Pleasure of Your Company, The (aka Wedding Daze)" in a role of Lyle;
  • "Factory Girl" in a role of James Townsend;
  • "The Skeptic" in a role of Shepard;
  • "Relative Strangers" in a role of Doug Clayton;
  • "The Paper Chase" in a role of Thomas Craig Anderson;

The photo image of Katherine Helmond, starring in the movie "Overboard"
Katherine Helmond
as a character
Edith Mintz
Katherine Helmond also starred in the next movies:
  • "Brazil" in a role of Mrs. Ida Lowry;
  • "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" in a role of Desk Clerk at Mint Hotel;
  • "Cars" in a role of Lizzie;
  • "Mr. St. Nick" in a role of Queen Carlotta;

The photo image of Michael G. Hagerty, starring in the movie "Overboard"
Michael G. Hagerty
as a character
Billy Pratt
Michael G. Hagerty also starred in the next movies:
  • "Red Heat" in a role of Pat Nunn;
  • "Speed 2: Cruise Control" in a role of Harvey;

The photo image of Roddy McDowall, starring in the movie "Overboard"
Roddy McDowall
as a character
Roddy McDowall also starred in the next movies:
  • "Star Hunter" in a role of Riecher;
  • "The Poseidon Adventure" in a role of Acres;
  • "Evil Under the Sun" in a role of Rex Brewster;
  • "Bedknobs and Broomsticks" in a role of Mr. Jelk;
  • "5 Card Stud" in a role of Nick Evers;
  • "Escape from the Planet of the Apes" in a role of Cornelius;
  • "Conquest of the Planet of the Apes" in a role of Caesar;
  • "Battle for the Planet of the Apes" in a role of Caesar;
  • "Class of 1984" in a role of Terry Corrigan;
  • "The Legend of Hell House" in a role of Benjamin Franklin Fischer;
  • "Fright Night" in a role of Peter Vincent;
  • "That Darn Cat!" in a role of Gregory Benson;
  • "The Return of the King" in a role of Samwise Gamgee;
  • "Dead of Winter" in a role of Mr. Murray;

The photo image of Jared Rushton, starring in the movie "Overboard"
Jared Rushton
as a character
Charlie Proffitt
Jared Rushton also starred in the next movies:
  • "Big" in a role of Billy;

The photo image of Jeffrey Wiseman, starring in the movie "Overboard"
Jeffrey Wiseman
as a character
Joey Proffitt

Jeffrey Wiseman starred only in the movie "Overboard"
The photo image of Brian Price, starring in the movie "Overboard"
Brian Price
as a character
Travis Proffitt
Brian Price also starred in the next movies:
  • "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" in a role of Young Bully;

The photo image of Jamie Wild, starring in the movie "Overboard"
Jamie Wild
as a character
Greg Proffitt

Jamie Wild starred only in the movie "Overboard"
The photo image of Frank Campanella, starring in the movie "Overboard"
Frank Campanella
as a character
Captain Karl

Frank Campanella starred only in the movie "Overboard"
The photo image of Henry Alan Miller, starring in the movie "Overboard"
Henry Alan Miller
as a character
Dr. Norman Korman

Henry Alan Miller starred only in the movie "Overboard"
The photo image of Frank Buxton, starring in the movie "Overboard"
Frank Buxton
as a character
Wilbur Budd (Elk Cove)

Frank Buxton starred only in the movie "Overboard"
The photo image of Carol Williard, starring in the movie "Overboard"
Carol Williard
as a character
Rose Budd (Elk Cove)
Carol Williard also starred in the next movies:
  • "Beaches" in a role of Aunt Vesta;

The photo image of Doris Hess, starring in the movie "Overboard"
Doris Hess
as a character
Adele Burbridge (Elk Cove)

Doris Hess starred only in the movie "Overboard"

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