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Movie genre: [Drama]
Produced in 2004
Directed by Mick Davis

Short description of the movie "Modigliani"

Set in Paris in 1919, biopic centers on the life of late Italian artist Amedeo Modigliani, focusing on his last days as well as his rivalry with Pablo Picasso. Modigliani, a Jew, has fallen in love with Jeanne, a young and beautiful Catholic girl. The couple has an illegitimate child, and Jeanne's bigoted parents send the baby to a faraway convent to be raised by nuns. Modigliani is distraught and needs money to rescue and raise his child. The answer arrives in the shape of Paris' annual art competition. Prize money and a guaranteed career await the winner. Neither Modigliani, nor his dearest friend and rival Picasso have ever entered the competition, believing that it is beneath true artists like themselves. But push comes to shove with the welfare of his child on the line, and Modigliani signs up for the competition in a drunken and drug-induced tirade. Picasso follows suit and all of Paris is aflutter with excitement at who will win. With the balance of his relationship with Jeanne on the line, Modigliani tackles this work with the hopes of creating a masterpiece, and knows that all the artists of Paris are doing the same.

Starring actors in "Modigliani" movie:

The photo image of Andy Garcia, starring in the movie "Modigliani"
Andy Garcia
as a character
Amedeo Modigliani
Andy Garcia also starred in the next movies:
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  • "The Untouchables" in a role of Agent George Stone/Giuseppe Petri;
  • "The Godfather: Part III" in a role of Don Vincent 'Vinnie' Mancini-Corleone;
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  • "Black Rain" in a role of Charlie;
  • "Smokin' Aces" in a role of Stanley Locke;
  • "Ocean's Thirteen" in a role of Terry Benedict;
  • "The Air I Breathe" in a role of Fingers;
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  • "When a Man Loves a Woman" in a role of Michael Green;
  • "Pink Panther 2" in a role of Vicenzo;
  • "La linea" in a role of Javier Salazar;
  • "City Island" in a role of Vince Rizzo;

The photo image of Elsa Zylberstein, starring in the movie "Modigliani"
Elsa Zylberstein
as a character
Jeanne Hébuterne
Elsa Zylberstein also starred in the next movies:
  • "3 Blind Mice" in a role of Nathalie Cross;

The photo image of Omid Djalili, starring in the movie "Modigliani"
Omid Djalili
as a character
Pablo Picasso
Omid Djalili also starred in the next movies:
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  • "Grow Your Own";
  • "The Love Guru" in a role of Guru Satchabigknoba;

The photo image of Hippolyte Girardot, starring in the movie "Modigliani"
Hippolyte Girardot
as a character
Maurice Utrillo
Hippolyte Girardot also starred in the next movies:
  • "House of 9" in a role of Francis;
  • "A Christmas Tale" in a role of Claude, Elizabeth's husband;

The photo image of Eva Herzigova, starring in the movie "Modigliani"
Eva Herzigova
as a character
Olga, Picasso's Wife

Eva Herzigova starred only in the movie "Modigliani"
The photo image of Udo Kier, starring in the movie "Modigliani"
Udo Kier
as a character
Max Jacob
Udo Kier also starred in the next movies:
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  • "The Adventures of Pinocchio" in a role of Lorenzini;
  • "Metropia" in a role of Ivan Bahn;

The photo image of Susie Amy, starring in the movie "Modigliani"
Susie Amy
as a character
Beatrice Hastings
Susie Amy also starred in the next movies:
  • "House of 9" in a role of Claire Leevy;
  • "Lesbian Vampire Killers" in a role of Blonde;
  • "Pimp" in a role of Tammy;

The photo image of Peter Capaldi, starring in the movie "Modigliani"
Peter Capaldi
as a character
Jean Cocteau
Peter Capaldi also starred in the next movies:
  • "Dangerous Liaisons" in a role of Azolan;
  • "House of 9" in a role of Max Roy;
  • "Magicians" in a role of Mike Francis;
  • "In the Loop" in a role of Malcolm Tucker;

The photo image of Louis Hilyer, starring in the movie "Modigliani"
Louis Hilyer
as a character
Louis Hilyer also starred in the next movies:
  • "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow" in a role of Executive Officer;

The photo image of Stevan Rimkus, starring in the movie "Modigliani"
Stevan Rimkus
as a character

Stevan Rimkus starred only in the movie "Modigliani"
The photo image of Dan Astileanu, starring in the movie "Modigliani"
Dan Astileanu
as a character
Diego Rivera
Dan Astileanu also starred in the next movies:
  • "Youth Without Youth" in a role of Professor;

The photo image of George Ivascu, starring in the movie "Modigliani"
George Ivascu
as a character
Moise Kisling

George Ivascu starred only in the movie "Modigliani"
The photo image of Michelle Newell, starring in the movie "Modigliani"
Michelle Newell
as a character
Eudoxie Hébuterne

Michelle Newell starred only in the movie "Modigliani"
The photo image of Frederico Ambrosino, starring in the movie "Modigliani"
Frederico Ambrosino
as a character
Little Dedo

Frederico Ambrosino starred only in the movie "Modigliani"
The photo image of Miriam Margolyes, starring in the movie "Modigliani"
Miriam Margolyes
as a character
Gertrude Stein
Miriam Margolyes also starred in the next movies:
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