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In the Land of Women

Purchase and daunload drama-genre muvi trailer «In the Land of Women» at a low price on a superior speed. Write your review on «In the Land of Women» movie or find some amazing reviews of another ones.

Movie genres: [Comedy] [Drama] [Romance]
Produced in 2007
Directed by Jon Kasdan

Movie Review to "In the Land of Women"

His world in complete disorder after his break-up with a famous actress, Carter, a young soft-core porn writer, goes to suburban Detroit to care for his sickly Grandmother and heal his broken heart. Along the way he forms a special bond with the family that lives across from his Grandma, and changes the life of each woman. In the course of this, as is required in every film—and thus the world, he changes his own life as well. [Learn more about the movie In the Land of Women...]

Closed for Winter

Buy and dwnload drama theme movie «Closed for Winter» at a cheep price on a fast speed. Put your review on «Closed for Winter» movie or find some amazing reviews of another buddies.

Movie genre: [Drama]
Produced in 2009
Directed by James Bogle

Movie Review to "Closed for Winter"

Tells the story of a woman's journey to overcome the events of the past and to find a way to move on. It is a story of dark secrets and the power of and celebration of letting go. [Learn more about the movie Closed for Winter...]

Let God Be the Judge

Buy and dawnload drama-theme muvy «Let God Be the Judge» at a low price on a best speed. Write interesting review about «Let God Be the Judge» movie or read other reviews of another buddies.

Movie genre: [Drama]
Produced in 2010
Directed by Emmbre Perry

Movie Review to "Let God Be the Judge"

When an unreligious man is shot, he has a spiritual experience and must face the judgment of God in a courtroom. There he is confronted with people in his life who speak of his positives & negatives and subsequently rediscovers his spirituality and the power of God. [Learn more about the movie Let God Be the Judge...]


Get and dwnload sci-fi genre muvi «Carny» at a little price on a fast speed. Add some review about «Carny» movie or find some other reviews of another persons.

Movie genre: [Sci-Fi]
Produced in 2009
Directed by Sheldon Wilson

Movie Review to "Carny"

When a traveling carnival comes to a rural Nebraska town, the caged attraction everyone is talking about is the alleged Jersey Devil. When the beast escapes, tearing the citizens to shreds, local sheriff Sam Atlas steps up to form a tracking team. But the carnivorous fugitive is only one of Sam's problems. The local pastor, enraged by the death of his son at the hands of the beast, has plans for igniting his own brand of hellfire and revenge. [Learn more about the movie Carny...]

Somewhere in Time

Buy and dwnload romance-theme movy trailer «Somewhere in Time» at a tiny price on a super high speed. Place your review on «Somewhere in Time» movie or read picturesque reviews of another persons.

Movie genres: [Drama] [Fantasy] [Romance]
Produced in 1980
Directed by Jeannot Szwarc

Movie Review to "Somewhere in Time"

The movie opens with college student Richard Collier gathering rave reviews for his new play. At the party, he comes face to face with an old woman who presses something in his hand and whispers, "Come back to me." He opens his hand to find an old pocket watch. Cut to several years later. Playwright Collier is in the midst of a break-up and writers block. He leaves the city for awhile to think things out and finds himself near his alma mater at the Grand Hotel. While wandering around the hotel, he finds a photograph of a beautiful young woman. Richard is entranced, and tries to find out all he can about her. During the course of his research he learns she was Elise McKenna, an actress from the turn of the century. He also discovers that she was the mysterious old woman who gave him the watch. Finally determining that he must meet her somehow, he employees self-hypnosis and wills himself back to 1912. He meets Elise and they fall in love, which does not make her manager, William Fawcett Robinson, happy at all. Will their love survive Robinson's disapproval? Will Richard be able to stay in 1912? [Learn more about the movie Somewhere in Time...]

Raging Sharks

Buy and dwnload sci-fi genre muvy «Raging Sharks» at a cheep price on a fast speed. Leave some review about «Raging Sharks» movie or read thrilling reviews of another fellows.

Movie genre: [Sci-Fi]
Produced in 2005
Directed by Danny Lerner

Movie Review to "Raging Sharks"

Ever since JAWS enchanted and frightened cinemagoers in the 1970s, the shark movie has become a welcome addition to the horror film genre. RAGING SHARKS continues the tradition, once again tapping into mankind's innate fear of these creatures who lurk in the ocean. This time out, the Bermuda Triangle is the location for some Great White action, as a strange object plops into the water from outer space. Unfortunately this drives our amphibious friends into a frenzy, with carnage ensuing, and a chance for the rugged Corbin Bernsen to come to the rescue. [Learn more about the movie Raging Sharks...]

Hustle & Flow

Purchase and daunload drama genre movie trailer «Hustle & Flow» at a cheep price on a super high speed. Place interesting review about «Hustle & Flow» movie or find some fine reviews of another ones.

Movie genres: [Crime] [Drama] [Music]
Produced in 2005
Directed by Craig Brewer

Movie Review to "Hustle & Flow"

An aspiring emcee from the Dirty South who is trying to make it in the hip-hop world has to deal with many different types of people who try to bring him down, including strippers, his baby's mama, and all the things that try to keep a player down. This is probably his last chance to make it: he is approaching his 40s, and his life is looking downhill. [Learn more about the movie Hustle & Flow...]


Get and dwnload sci-fi-genre muvy trailer «Puzzlehead» at a little price on a best speed. Add interesting review about «Puzzlehead» movie or read amazing reviews of another persons.

Movie genres: [Drama] [Sci-Fi]
Produced in 2005
Directed by James Bai

Movie Review to "Puzzlehead"

A scientist, secretly pining for the affections of a deli owner, creates a robot in his own likeness. Soon the high stakes of man versus technology reach their peak when a love triangle ensues between man, woman, and robot. [Learn more about the movie Puzzlehead...]

Sudden Death

Get and download drama genre movie «Sudden Death» at a low price on a super high speed. Write your review about «Sudden Death» movie or find some thrilling reviews of another fellows.

Movie genres: [Action] [Drama] [Thriller]
Produced in 1995
Directed by Peter Hyams

Movie Review to "Sudden Death"

The Vice-President is being held at gunpoint. The Pittsburgh Civic Arena is wired with enough explosives to blow up the whole city. And if billion isn't delivered soon, thousands will die... ...Darren McCord is in the arena. An arson investigator, he's seen what explosives can do to people. And he won't let it happen again. Because this time, one wrong move and his daughter dies, too... [Learn more about the movie Sudden Death...]

Boiling Point

Buy and dwnload drama genre movy trailer «Boiling Point» at a little price on a super high speed. Place your review about «Boiling Point» movie or read picturesque reviews of another buddies.

Movie genres: [Crime] [Drama]
Produced in 1993
Directed by James B. Harris

Movie Review to "Boiling Point"

Red is an aging scam-artist who's just been released from prison together with Ronnie, a young and not-so-bright hoodlum who is easily manipulated. Their new business is to organize fake-money sales and then kill the buyer to take his money; but when Ronnie kills an undercover secret service agent, his partner Jimmy Mercer vows revenge and is given one week to catch the killers before being transferred. [Learn more about the movie Boiling Point...]

Person of Interest

Purchase and dwnload thriller-theme movie «Person of Interest» at a cheep price on a fast speed. Add interesting review on «Person of Interest» movie or read fine reviews of another fellows.

Movie genre: [Thriller]
Produced in 2007
Directed by Christopher Ward

Movie Review to "Person of Interest"

Three professional women have disappeared from a small New England town in a period of just 18 months. Sheriff Nickie Welles, who has learned that state budget cutbacks will soon eliminate her job, is determined to find out who's behind these terrible crimes. In an act of desperation, Nickie asks James Hart, a local psychic, to help solve this tragic mystery before her tenure comes to an end. However, Detective Sandra Franks, Nickie's lover, believes James is a fake and that her girlfriend is in over her head. James has problems of his own. Troubled by a sleep disorder, he checks himself into a hospital where he meets an oversexed nurse who will become the next victim of these mysterious crimes. James suspects someone is out to frame him. Could it be Sandra? Ultimately their investigation will uncover a terrible secret that will bring Nickie, James and Sandra to the brink. From award winning documentary filmmaker Christopher Ward. [Learn more about the movie Person of Interest...]

Shattered Glass

Buy and dawnload drama-genre muvi trailer «Shattered Glass» at a low price on a superior speed. Write some review about «Shattered Glass» movie or find some fine reviews of another buddies.

Movie genre: [Drama]
Produced in 2003
Directed by Billy Ray

Movie Review to "Shattered Glass"

This film tells the true story of fraudulent Washington, D.C. journalist Stephen Glass (Christensen), who rose to meteoric heights as a young writer in his 20s, becoming a staff writer at "The New Republic" for three years (1995-1998), where 27 of his 41 published stories were either partially or completely made up. Looking for a short cut to fame, Glass concocted sources, quotes and even entire stories, but his deception did not go unnoticed forever, and eventually, his world came crumbling down... [Learn more about the movie Shattered Glass...]

Who's That Girl

Buy and dwnload romance genre movie «Who's That Girl» at a low price on a super high speed. Write some review about «Who's That Girl» movie or read picturesque reviews of another fellows.

Movie genres: [Comedy] [Music] [Romance]
Produced in 1987
Directed by James Foley

Movie Review to "Who's That Girl"

His soon-to-be father in law has the dopey lawyer Louden to give the pretty and no less self conscious Nikki Finn a ride from the prison to the bus station to ensure that she leaves town immediately. However Nikki has different plans: after being in prison many years for a murder she didn't commit, she wants to find out who really killed her friend Johnny. Unscrupulously she uses Louden for her objectives. [Learn more about the movie Who's That Girl...]

The Astronaut Farmer

Get and dawnload drama-theme muvy «The Astronaut Farmer» at a little price on a best speed. Put some review about «The Astronaut Farmer» movie or find some picturesque reviews of another visitors.

Movie genres: [Adventure] [Drama]
Produced in 2006
Directed by Michael Polish

Movie Review to "The Astronaut Farmer"

Texan Charles Farmer left the Air Force as a young man to save the family ranch when his dad died. Like most American ranchers, he owes his bank. Unlike most, he's an astrophysicist with a rocket in his barn - one he's built and wants to take into space. It's his dream. The FBI puts him under surveillance when he tries to buy rocket fuel; the FAA stalls him when he files a flight plan - it's post-9/11, after all. His wife is angry when she finds out their bank is initiating foreclosure. Charlie fears failure and decides, precipitously, to launch. Are twenty-first century American dreams just a sign of insanity? Are those who believe in dreamers only fools? [Learn more about the movie The Astronaut Farmer...]

John Q

Buy and daunload crime-genre movy trailer «John Q» at a low price on a super high speed. Write some review on «John Q» movie or read thrilling reviews of another people.

Movie genres: [Crime] [Drama] [Thriller]
Produced in 2002
Directed by Nick Cassavetes

Movie Review to "John Q"

John Quincy Archibald's son Michael collapses while playing baseball as a result of heart failure. John rushes Michael to a hospital emergency room where he is informed that Michael's only hope is a transplant. Unfortunately, John's insurance won't cover his son's transplant. Out of options, John Q. takes the emergency room staff and patients hostage until hospital doctors agree to do the transplant. [Learn more about the movie John Q...]

Route 30

Purchase and daunload comedy theme muvy «Route 30» at a little price on a high speed. Leave interesting review on «Route 30» movie or find some amazing reviews of another people.

Movie genre: [Comedy]
Produced in 2008
Directed by John Putch

Movie Review to "Route 30"

'Deer Hunters' Wives' tells of the frustrations of Civil War tour guide Mandy, who obsesses on Jenny Wade, the only civilian killed at the battle of Gettysburg. While her friend June struggles with an Internet porn scheme to make extra money. 'What I Believe' focuses on a man who seeks the help of a Christian Scientist to heal his back pain and explain the Big Foot that chased him down the mountainside. 'Original Bill' is the story of a writer who buys a farmhouse in the country in hopes to find unique inspiration to write his novel. He is sidetracked by his Amish neighbor, who smokes, drinks, swears and watches his TV. Bill befriends her and helps her realize her dream of seeing a live play on stage. [Learn more about the movie Route 30...]

Child's Play 2

Purchase and daunload thriller theme movie trailer «Child's Play 2» at a small price on a fast speed. Write interesting review about «Child's Play 2» movie or read picturesque reviews of another visitors.

Movie genres: [Horror] [Thriller]
Produced in 1990
Directed by John Lafia

Movie Review to "Child's Play 2"

Chucky's back! The notorious killer doll with the satanic smile comes back to life in this new chapter depicting the terrifying struggle between young Andy Barclay (Alex Vincent) and the demonic doll attempting to possess his soul. Despite being roasted to a crisp in his last escapade, Chucky rises from the ashes after being reconstructed by a toy factory to dispel the negative publicity surrounding the doll. Back in one piece, Chucky tracks his prey to a foster home where the chase begins again in this sequel to the enormously popular original. [Learn more about the movie Child's Play 2...]

The Siege

Buy and download drama-genre movy «The Siege» at a small price on a super high speed. Write your review on «The Siege» movie or read fine reviews of another people.

Movie genres: [Action] [Drama] [Thriller]
Produced in 1998
Directed by Edward Zwick

Movie Review to "The Siege"

After the abduction by the US military of an Islamic religious leader, New York City becomes the target of escalating terrorist attacks. Anthony Hubbard, the head of the FBI's Counter-Intelligence Task Force in New York, teams up with CIA operative Elise Kraft to hunt down the terrorist cells responsible for the attacks. As the bombings continue, the US government responds by declaring martial law, sending US troops, led by Gen. Devereaux, into the streets of New York City. [Learn more about the movie The Siege...]

Scream 2

Get and dawnload horror theme movie «Scream 2» at a cheep price on a best speed. Put interesting review on «Scream 2» movie or find some other reviews of another fellows.

Movie genres: [Horror] [Mystery] [Thriller]
Produced in 1997
Directed by Wes Craven

Movie Review to "Scream 2"

It has been two years since the tragic events at Woodsboro. Sidney Prescott and Randy Meeks are trying to get on with their lives, and are currently both students at Windsor College. Cotton Weary is out of prison, and is trying to cash in on his unfortunate incarceration. Gale Weathers has written a bestseller, "The Woodsboro Murders," which has been turned into the film, "Stab," starring Tori Spelling as Sidney. As the film's play date approaches, the cycle of death begins anew. Dewey Riley immediately flies out of Woodsboro to try to protect Sidney, his "surrogate sister." But in this sequel to the 1996 horror film, the number of suspects only goes down as the body count slowly goes up! [Learn more about the movie Scream 2...]

Red Is the Color of

Get and download romance theme movy trailer «Red Is the Color of» at a tiny price on a fast speed. Write some review on «Red Is the Color of» movie or find some picturesque reviews of another persons.

Movie genres: [Comedy] [Drama] [Romance]
Produced in 2007
Directed by Anne Norda

Movie Review to "Red Is the Color of"

The tense marriage between two painters is shaken and stirred when the husband's provocative free-spirited nude model ignites his wife's sexual and spiritual awakening. In a three way game of subtle seduction, each of the three confront desires and frustrations that threaten to destroy the illusions of their lives. [Learn more about the movie Red Is the Color of...]

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